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Skinny, klutzy kids always have dreaded the senior prom

freshmess.jpgThis was a pretty cool article about an observant principal and his solution to a Prom for everybody to enjoy.. ๐Ÿ™‚

We have no date. We have no money. We cannot dance. We’ve never worn a tux or a ball gown. We are too fat. We are too skinny. We are too ugly. The list goes on and on encyclopedically. And each day brings it 24 hours nearer, as all around us the excitement rises like an ocean tide in which we will undoubtedly drown, socially obliterated and globally warmed.


Interesting Prom Mentions in the News 5

thumb_1174090308867_0p70159.jpgParent outraged over glassware passed out as Prom momentos

Some parents are outraged over junior prom souvenirs. Copper Hills High School students are getting glassware that look like beer mugs and champagne glasses. Thatโ€™s what Gary Davis’ son brought home from school after he bought his prom tickets. Davis says, “I was shocked, appalled that this type of material was given out by the school to underage kids.” Concerned parents say these glasses send a mixed – and dangerous – message to high school students.


Interesting Prom Mentions in the News

get_image.jpgPicture this: The winter formal

When a child is born with autism or Down syndrome, many of the special things in life are just not obtainable. Many of life’s milestones, like the first time you got behind the wheel, or that first kiss, are out of reach. But on this night, the staff at the South Bergen Jointure Middle/High School — with some help from the Rutherford Elks — were determined to make a memory for 40 kids that would last forever. The first-ever Winter Formal was a huge success.


Oscar Fashions For Less

280_oscarfashion_abs_070226_gty_73418029_73422478_73417758.jpgLove what you see on the Red Carpet? Well you can have some of those looks for less. EW reports that designer “ALLEN B. SCHWARTZ came up with the idea of creating dresses that make women’s dreams come true at an affordable price.”

“From a fashion standpoint, I thought the show was good, not great,” says Schwartz, who has been interpreting red-carpet fashions for the past 15 to 20 years. “There were a few of what I would call ‘wow’ dresses. CAMERON DIAZ looked fantastic. CATE BLANCHETT was incredible. JENNIFER LOPEZ was fabulous, and PENร‰LOPE CRUZ was a showstopper — that dress was incredible, but after that, I thought it was just average.”

Find his fashions at “at leading department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s and Lord & Taylor.”

My Morning Jacket to host a Two-Night Prom in GA

The Under the Sea Theme is so much fun! As reported by JamBase the band My Morning Jacket has a great Prom planned. Send me pictures for a theme album if you go!

“For all of you who missed your prom back in 1956 or 1986 or 2006 for that matter, My Morning Jacket will be hosting the 1st annual MMJ 2 night prom, March 6 and 7, at the fabulous, prom-ready, 40 Watt Club in Athens!

The first time we walked thru those hallowed 40 Watt doors we said to ourselves, “this place looks perfect for a prom!” And now the dream will be a reality. The theme is a futuristic/retro under the sea vibe – costumes (tuxes, suits, robots, mermaid and lobster costumes, anything prom/ocean related) are not only encouraged – they are MANDATORY!!! NO ONE will be admitted without proper attire!**

There will be cake, balloons, fishnets, classic cars, chaperones, spankings, and a whole lotta shakin goin on – 2007 style… Come prepared to dance the night away, and make up for all the proms you missed…”

-My Morning Jacket
**you may be admitted without proper attire

Lily Allen’s Prom Gown Glam

la10.jpgLily’s personal style is fun for those of us who secretly wish we could wear gowns everywhere because she does just that. She is known for wearing new and vintage prom gowns with sneakers and gold jewelry. Her fashion sense not only got her noticed beyond her fast rising music career but landed her a deal with UK Retailer New Look, to design her own line. It’s going to be titled appropriately “Lily Loves” and will be available in May. Look for six dresses, two pairs of shoes and some brightly colored accessories.

So look for the release of the line and the cool ad campaign pictures they are promising. In the meantime you can keep up with Lily’s music and tour schedule here on her official website. Photo, LilyAllenMusic

Bratz Toy Fair 2007, Ken Paves !

Bratz Toy Fair 2007 Report!

Sorry its like a zombie wrote it but I really wanted to get this to you guys. Was also nice seeing all the MGAr’s again, will see my friends later this week too so any clarifications ask before wednesday and I will ask- and the design people always say how they love Bratz World ideas and things so keep sending them in and posting them here. They gave me the Sweetheart dolls Yasmin Lilee and Phoebe so if anyone wants pix later ask me which ones you want. I also got a Pixiez CD and a few things might be added to the Hair Style Prizes,,,, Also a cute alarm Bratz clock.. oh boy I have to get back to prep for my job test review. I have a “report” from Fashion Week too but haven’t had time to put it together yet- you guys are top priority and sorry it took so long! ๐Ÿ™‚
Have a great night!

Ken Paves and Bratz World!

Bratz World Hairstyle Contest details