Top 5 Fun (and funny) Accessories

teddyOne of the many great things about teen fashion is having fun and putting some humor in your wardrobe. You may be stylish and sophisticated but you can still get away with having some fun with fashion (so can all ages really, nothing wrong with fun!)
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Top Totes and Bags

totesFace it, we have a lot of stuff to carry everyday! Laptop, books, cellphone, newspaper, bag of nuts.. well maybe we don’t all carry the same things, but you know most people have more than just a few bits and pieces. I prefer totes or larger bags over small purses so no matter what I am always ready with everything I need. I also love backpacks when I am running around because I love having my hands free for hopping in and out of cabs or the subway or grabbing a quick bite and a couple of fashion magazines!
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Flat and Low Heeled Shoes, pretty with less pain

trippenNot everybody can wear heels. Even when you love them they can make your feet hurt and cause some other troubles. Teetering along icy sidewalks isn’t exactly safe either. Flat or low heeled shoes do not have to be plain and ugly and many shoemakers are realizing that flat and low heeled shoes can be created in styles way beyond girl’s flats or sneakers. (photo credit, Trippen)

Cool Looks This Week

Just looks this week that I personally thought were cool, whether they followed trends or not.

Nokia Clothes show
Kimberley Stewart and Callum Best (center) with Make Me A Supermodel contestants Marianne, Waz, Luke, And Anya on the Select Model Management Stand, Clothes Show Live 2006
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Top 5 T-Shirts for $20 and Under

Fetch T-shirtCelebs make a fashion statement by wearing words and logos on their tees, and other stars are making their statements differently. Lindsey Lohan, Hillary Duff, and other teen idols have been creating custom-cut tees like cutting the collar off the shirt or shortening the bottom. Then they are pairing these tees with anything from diamonds to skinny jeans.

It’s up to you what you want to do to your t-shirts when you get them. Leave them as is or get creative. Check out these links for some great tees and then leave them as you get them or do some crafty embellishments.
(photo credit, “Fetch” Threadless T-shirts)

  • Threadless T-shirts A very cool site where people design their own tees and upload the designs to be voted on! Winning designs can be bought on the site for $10. Upload your design then let us know if it gets picked to be sold on the site!
  • RockRags Vintage and Modern Rock tees, under $20.
  • Fun art and logos tees for $20.
  • Vintage Edge t-shirts under $19. Pick any of their designs and they will print them on their girly style-tees for you.
  • Those Things Spooky cool gothic tees for $20.

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  • Get Celeb’s Look for Less

    get the lookI know you can look just as good or better than the A-list stars. You just need a way to get those fashions for less so click these links and get some tips and make your own fashion statement. Then go show off your style!

  • Browse InStyles’s mega Looks For Less archive for star styles like Kate Moss, The Olsens, Jaime King, Hilary Duff, Kate Hudson and more.

  • Want the looks from the hit film “The Devil Wears Prada”? Check out Salon’s Star Style/Inside Edition’s great tips, pix and links.

  • Tips on how to have a celebrity style wedding for less on MSN Money.

  •, buy fashions based on matching pix of stars to products.

  • More tips right here on Teen Fashion at
  • Top 5 Junk Food Holiday Treats (so bad they are good!)

    Okay this is in the Bad but Good section for obvious reasons. We all know Junk Food is bad but don’t lie and say you never snack on something “bad”! Okay so maybe you don’t and for those that don’t just ignore this.. okay now that they are gone check out these “bad” yummy goodies! Teen fashion extends into fashionable junk food too! You’ll notice that for the season there is a holiday feel to these treats.

    Pumpkin Pie ShakeJack In The Box Pumpkin Pie Holiday Shake
    Word is its a cool creamy delight you have to eat with a spoon. Check your local JITB’s for prices.


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