Top 10 Influential Fashion Films

This video is about a street poll on the influential role film has played in fashion. Stella McCartney, Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood and other UK designers such as Lulu Guinness, Philip Treacy and Oswald Boateng join design legend Giorgio Armani and international talent such as Marc Jacobs, Zac Posen, John Rocha and Michael Kors to give their opinions. The overwhelming winner was Breakfast at Tiffany’s in which Givenchy established one of the most important wardrobe staples: the ‘LBD’ (little black dress) and the large black sunglasses. It is interesting to note that the majority of these iconic films, are vintage, proving the classics in style will be influencing fashion for decades to come.

The Top Ten
1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
2. American Gigolo
3. Funny Face
4. Bonnie and Clyde
5. Desperately Seeking Susan
6. My Fair Lady
7. Pulp Fiction
8. The Great Gatsby
9. Thomas Crown Affair
10. The Graduate

Bratz Movie Review

My Bratz Movie Review Scroll down past the video and photo galleries. 🙂

Bratz cast interview for Bratz World!

Just for you cool Bratz Worlders!
“Hi Bratz World!

Click here for the cute interview by the Bratz cast for Bratz World!

Molly Ringwald, Where is the Prom Queen Now?

Molly RingwaldWhere is the Prom Queen now? Molly Ringwald has kept busy all these years as an actress on the stage. Read this great article from the Orlando Sentinel

Don’t assume that Ringwald is embarrassed about those old movies or that she is going to bad-mouth Ally Sheedy or Anthony Michael Hall. She just has moved on, and she wishes the public would too.

“I really enjoyed the movies I was doing back then,” she says on the phone from Birmingham, Ala., where Sweet Charity made a stop a couple of weeks back. “They made an incredible impact on my generation and on the generation after me.

“When my daughter’s ready to watch them, it’ll be interesting to watch them with her. But they were so long ago.”

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  • Film, Quinceañera

    q5sml.jpgJust wanted to remind everybody about a great film,Quinceañera, check it out some weekend and maybe have a Prom Themed Movie Weekend with friends. You could even show these films at an After-Party.

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    Review from
    A Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize-winner, Quinceañera is a small film with a big heart.
    The plot unfolds at the leisurely pace of life itself, yet there’s not a wasted moment in the script. The story follows the travails of young Magdalena (Emily Rios), a teen in the Mexican-American, but gentrifying, Los Angeles neighborhood of Echo Park.

  • Oscar Fashions For Less

    280_oscarfashion_abs_070226_gty_73418029_73422478_73417758.jpgLove what you see on the Red Carpet? Well you can have some of those looks for less. EW reports that designer “ALLEN B. SCHWARTZ came up with the idea of creating dresses that make women’s dreams come true at an affordable price.”

    “From a fashion standpoint, I thought the show was good, not great,” says Schwartz, who has been interpreting red-carpet fashions for the past 15 to 20 years. “There were a few of what I would call ‘wow’ dresses. CAMERON DIAZ looked fantastic. CATE BLANCHETT was incredible. JENNIFER LOPEZ was fabulous, and PENÉLOPE CRUZ was a showstopper — that dress was incredible, but after that, I thought it was just average.”

    Find his fashions at “at leading department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s and Lord & Taylor.”

    Film “The World’s Best Prom”

    promkids.jpgIt looks as though Racine Wisconsin knows how to throw a party. 7 high schools converge for one big red carpet super-bowl excitement level prom. This film, “The World’s Best Prom”, has captured all of it. I love the idea that everybody gets to feel like a star! Buy the film here: The World’s Best Prom

    “It’s like your senior prom, plus the Super Bowl plus the Oscars all in one. Every town should have ‘The World’s Best Prom.’ You will LOVE this movie. If you don’t then you are lying.”

    Top 5 Prom Movies