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  • My most popular page The Big List of Prom Themes. Send me pix of your prom!
  • How to Pick the Right Theme for your School
  • The History of the Prom
  • Join the Prom Planning Committee, What You Need to Accomplish
  • Creative Fundraising Ideas to Make Your Prom Even Better!
  • Tips on Finding the Perfect Gown
  • Creative Prom and Formal Fashion for Guys
  • Free and Low Cost Gowns in your area If you have a service or know of one in your local area send it in!
  • Tips for a Safe After-Prom Party
  • Tasty Prom Party Food Ideas
  • A Very Inspiring Book of One School’s Prom
    Explore the Event Fashion site and links for all kinds of tips and inspiration.

  • Dig Up Prom Photos to Share with Readers, IA

    bilde-3.jpgOh dear this will be fun to see! If you are in the Des Moines area send in those vintage photos and you could “win a dinner for two at Centro to relive old prom memories with your date.”

    For those of us not in the area we can enjoy looking at those old Prom pictures!

    The oldies but goodies.
    Got a photo of yourself in a dated dress?

    • Submit it to the Register at Further instructions are on the site.
    • You can also mail them to Prom Dress, Des Moines Register, P.O. Box 957, Des Moines, IA 50309.
    • Questions? Call 284-8438


    History of Homecoming

    The History of Homecoming

    Dartmouth Bonfire: Homecoming is a tradition that has grown slowly through the decades. It is a time when students from different classes gather together to celebrate school spirit. In 1888, students from all four classes of Dartmouth College in New Hampshire built a bonfire to celebrate a baseball victory.
    The Daily Dartmouth wrote: “It disturbed the slumbers of a peaceful town, destroyed some property, made the boys feel that they were being men, and in fact did no one any good.” Seven years later it was made official to celebrate class spirit. One visitor to the famed bonfire in 1914 was a young Winston Churchill.