Prom Project in South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska

Prom ProjectNew addition to the big list of Free and Low Cost Gowns! A very cool service that includes not only help getting a gown but also photography! Click Prom Project in South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska to get more info if you are in the area. Remember if you have a service in another area that is not listed let me know so I can add it.


Free and Low Cost Gowns


Remember the list is always being updated (click here!) as I find mentions of these services. Plus if you know of one not listed here let me know! I hope this can help people have a great night and not miss out because of costs!

Great Prom Gown Shopping Tips and Tricks

Emma HarrisMore great tips and tricks to finding that perfect A-list inspired gown. Read this article about how “Hollywood stars take their fashion cues from the latest runway shows, prom dress manufacturers take some of theirs from the A-listers.”
It’s full of great tips and things to know like these:

Think colors. Bright colors. Slinky and Ball Gown styles

  • Popular colors are baby pinks and blues also neon green, fuchsia, oranges, pinks, turquiose, royal blue and sea breeze.

  • Some multi-colored gowns will have a layer of pink over a layer of chocolate. Or pink over orange, they are called Creamsicle.

Pretty In Pink and Beyond

9c830f2f0e6f0c21a7d8ee8cdc7f4a99.jpgJust wanted to point out some Pretty In Pink and Beyond! prom dresses the cool kids at Prom Girl have. They are fun and flirty and you won’t get too sweaty dancing all night in them if its warm weather. You’ll look sweet as cotton candy in these creations. Some under $100 so check it out. Barbie isn’t the only one who can rock Pink! I love it in all its shades, I also love a minty green.. for summer these are cool.

Five Formal And Prom Gowns For Under $100

edressme_1926_28037662.gifI like to peek in on website’s sales to see what gowns are under $100 because sales are the best places to find gowns that once cost much more and are now being marked down. Some cute gowns and dresses are priced to start at under $100 but isn’t it fun to get a dress for under that when it was once a lot more? Of course the most important thing is looking good but who doesn’t like a great sale? All gowns and photos,