Get The Little Black Dress For Less

White may have dominated the recent Golden Globe’s red carpet but the famed Little Black Dress will never go out of style. Here are some recent party pictures where the “LBD” looked lovely. Below this celebrity gallery check out some amazing sales where you can have this timeless look for so much less, you may be tempted to fill your closet. Photos,

Byrdie Bell and Tina Chai, in Thakoon, with the designer at a cocktail party thrown in his honor at Maurice Villency. Sabine Heller, in Ruffian, with Annie Churchill, in Thakoon, and Vogue’s Valerie Boster. Tinsley Mortimer and Dabney Mercer, both in dresses by Julie Haus, with Fabiola Beracasa, in Chanel. Marchesa’s Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig, in their own designs.


Top 5 Party Dress Picks By Body Type, Under $150

_5305030.jpgIf we all had the same body type the world would be very boring. So love and appreciate the shape you have and feel pretty with a flattering fit. Here are my personal picks for party dresses based on body type and under $150 so you can look chic and not go broke!


The History Of The Sadie Hawkin’s Dance

sadienew.gifMany people know that a Sadie Hawkin’s dance is an event where the girls ask the boys, not the other way around. If you don’t know the background you may think it’s named for a famous feminist or at the very least a real person.

It is actually named for a comic strip character, “Sadie Hawkins the homeliest gal in the hills” who was a part of the Lil Abner series by Al Capp. It was on November 15, 1937, and the story is that Sadie’s father was worried she would never meet and marry a man… More

Celebrity Fashion At The Golden Globes

53810_drew2_122_422lo-1.jpgHere are some gorgeous fashions from the parties and events in and around the Golden Globes that I thought were lovely. Cameron Diaz, photo credits

Cameron Diaz and Leonardo DiCaprio, Sheryl Crow, Justin Timberlake and Eva Longoria, Ashley Olsen, Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn, Michelle Trachtenberg, Molly Sims, Paris Hilton, Vanessa Minnillo, Mischa Barton, Heidi Klum and Seal, Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez, Hilary Swank, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.


Prom Tuxedo Made From Coke Cans!

can-suit-4.jpgQuite an amazing accomplishment. Like the fun Duct Tape fashions it shows a great way to express your personal creativity. This guy had a can drive where he and his friends collected the cans he needed and then he crushed and shaped and stitched them into a vest, bow-tie and suit jacket. He even created a corsage for his date! Check out all of his pictures here.

Other fun can sites:

  • Lots of fun can crafts on Family Crafts,
  • Canstruction, amazing site of large sculptures made from cans
  • Red Bull, Art Of The Can Contest
  • Prom “Fan Art”

    When someone isn’t old enough to go to the prom sometimes they have fun looking forward to it and creating art about it. Even if someone has been to the prom they may still have fond enough memories to create prom-themed art, both fantasy and realistic.

    40pbjf9.pngThis is a cute assemblage of pictures of the doll brand Bratz in an early line called “Formal Funk” which was prom and formal dance themed. Click for full sized view! Art by Jordan. Bratz doll fan clubs: Bratz TV, and Bratz World

    More cute Prom themed art:

    Prom Planning Committee, Why Join? What Needs To Happen?

    cordcom_calendar_.jpgWhy would you consider joining the Prom planning committee? It’s an incredible opportunity to create a night your fellow classmates will remember for the rest of their lives. If that isn’t enough, think of the satisfaction of knowing you were one of the people who made it happen. All those smiles and stories that will be told for years to come, will be because of you and the others who made it happen! Photo,

    You will also learn how to work well with a diverse group of people and these skills will benefit you in many other settings such as college and future jobs. Even if you will be self-employed one day you will always need to know how to pull together a group of people to accomplish a goal, so why not start learning those skills now? Plus, it’s so much fun.

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