Get The Little Black Dress For Less

White may have dominated the recent Golden Globe’s red carpet but the famed Little Black Dress will never go out of style. Here are some recent party pictures where the “LBD” looked lovely. Below this celebrity gallery check out some amazing sales where you can have this timeless look for so much less, you may be tempted to fill your closet. Photos,

Byrdie Bell and Tina Chai, in Thakoon, with the designer at a cocktail party thrown in his honor at Maurice Villency. Sabine Heller, in Ruffian, with Annie Churchill, in Thakoon, and Vogue’s Valerie Boster. Tinsley Mortimer and Dabney Mercer, both in dresses by Julie Haus, with Fabiola Beracasa, in Chanel. Marchesa’s Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig, in their own designs.


Top 5 Party Dress Picks By Body Type, Under $150

_5305030.jpgIf we all had the same body type the world would be very boring. So love and appreciate the shape you have and feel pretty with a flattering fit. Here are my personal picks for party dresses based on body type and under $150 so you can look chic and not go broke!


The History Of The Sadie Hawkin’s Dance

sadienew.gifMany people know that a Sadie Hawkin’s dance is an event where the girls ask the boys, not the other way around. If you don’t know the background you may think it’s named for a famous feminist or at the very least a real person.

It is actually named for a comic strip character, “Sadie Hawkins the homeliest gal in the hills” who was a part of the Lil Abner series by Al Capp. It was on November 15, 1937, and the story is that Sadie’s father was worried she would never meet and marry a man… More

Celebrity Fashion At The Golden Globes

53810_drew2_122_422lo-1.jpgHere are some gorgeous fashions from the parties and events in and around the Golden Globes that I thought were lovely. Cameron Diaz, photo credits

Cameron Diaz and Leonardo DiCaprio, Sheryl Crow, Justin Timberlake and Eva Longoria, Ashley Olsen, Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn, Michelle Trachtenberg, Molly Sims, Paris Hilton, Vanessa Minnillo, Mischa Barton, Heidi Klum and Seal, Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez, Hilary Swank, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.


Prom Tuxedo Made From Coke Cans!

can-suit-4.jpgQuite an amazing accomplishment. Like the fun Duct Tape fashions it shows a great way to express your personal creativity. This guy had a can drive where he and his friends collected the cans he needed and then he crushed and shaped and stitched them into a vest, bow-tie and suit jacket. He even created a corsage for his date! Check out all of his pictures here.

Other fun can sites:

  • Lots of fun can crafts on Family Crafts,
  • Canstruction, amazing site of large sculptures made from cans
  • Red Bull, Art Of The Can Contest
  • Prom “Fan Art”

    When someone isn’t old enough to go to the prom sometimes they have fun looking forward to it and creating art about it. Even if someone has been to the prom they may still have fond enough memories to create prom-themed art, both fantasy and realistic.

    40pbjf9.pngThis is a cute assemblage of pictures of the doll brand Bratz in an early line called “Formal Funk” which was prom and formal dance themed. Click for full sized view! Art by Jordan. Bratz doll fan clubs: Bratz TV, and Bratz World

    More cute Prom themed art:

    Prom Planning Committee, Why Join? What Needs To Happen?

    cordcom_calendar_.jpgWhy would you consider joining the Prom planning committee? It’s an incredible opportunity to create a night your fellow classmates will remember for the rest of their lives. If that isn’t enough, think of the satisfaction of knowing you were one of the people who made it happen. All those smiles and stories that will be told for years to come, will be because of you and the others who made it happen! Photo,

    You will also learn how to work well with a diverse group of people and these skills will benefit you in many other settings such as college and future jobs. Even if you will be self-employed one day you will always need to know how to pull together a group of people to accomplish a goal, so why not start learning those skills now? Plus, it’s so much fun.

    Profile, Sarah Brightman

    sarah-brightman.jpgSarah Brightman, singer, songwriter and performer, is legendary for her style. She always looks like she is ready for a ball in a fairy kingdom or a visit with Mermaids in Atlantis. Instead of making it look uncomfortable she looks natural to be in gowns and dresses that Cinderella would envy. I think you could grab anything from her closet and be ready for a formal dance or prom. Combine this with an incredible voice and talent she is a true icon of style and substance. Here is a mini “Inspiration Scrapbook” of her looks and glamour. She is proof that beauty and elegance are ageless and timeless.

    “Anything can happen to anyone at any time and you shouldn’t just live through the days, or you lose them. You should do what you can to enjoy every moment.” – Sarah Brightman


    Prom Dress-up Games!

    barbie_in_gowns_2.jpgMaybe you aren’t old enough to go to the Prom yet, or maybe you just like playing cute dress-up games, either way, these are fun for the young and young-at-heart. These dress-up games have cute graphics and are hosted on various family websites- you might even get some ideas for fashions and themes! Graphic,

  • ELLEgirl Magazine’s Primp My Prom Game.
  • Skybreeze Game’s Prom Night Couples Dress Up Game
  • Lifetime TV’s Create Your Perfect Prom Dress
  • i-Dressup’s Barbie Party, Barbie In Gowns, and Barbie In Gowns 2. And log on to play i-Dressup’s games Prom Dresses and Prom Dress 2.
  • Had to add this one: Spring Couture Dresses dress-up game. These are just some very gorgeous gowns.

    Beware.. these are very addicting!
    For more fun join:
    Bratz TV for more cute links

    More on Event Fashion here!

  • Nick Verreos, Prom Gown Designer, Video Interview

    nick_spread.jpgHe of course designs much more, but here in this You Tube Video he speaks about the Prom Gowns, and Amanda Fields, the lovely model also from Project Runway, shows off another of his designs. I know some of the other models weren’t saying the nicest things about Amanda on the show but I have met her and spent time with she and her mom and sister and she is very sweet and wise about all of that. It does not bother her and she just keeps going for her dreams and wishes the others well no matter what.

    I love Nick’s passion for design and wanting to create lovely affordable gowns for the Prom. Check his designs out here! Watch the video:

    Real Beauty vs Photoshop Beauty

    evolution_pod_72×72.jpgStop allowing others, and yourself, to get you down about your looks and every little line and bump on your face. I guarantee what you look at in magazines is not real. Artists can even touch up frames of films and videos. Need proof? Pictures in magazines are re-touched and if you were to meet those models and celebs in real life they would not look that perfect. Yes they do this on male celebs and models too. Photo, Dove Real Beauty

  • Dove Evolution Film “How did our idea of beauty become so distorted?”
  • Glen Feron, Art of Re-Touching Place your cursor over the pictures to see the before and after.
  • Yossi Bitton Make-up Before and After Gallery
  • Fluid Effect’s Website Click Portfolio, click “agree”, click “before and after”, when the pictures come up click the before button to the left to see the work they did to make it look that perfect.

    1775126497922.jpgSo next time some negative person tries to put you down because you don’t look as special-effects perfect as some girl in a magazine just smile and walk away because you know the truth, and the person being negative to you probably does too. Don’t waste your time. Just be who you are because that magazine perfection is a work of digital art, not real life art, and YOU are a real life work of art. That’s always better than something that ends up in a recycling bin any day. Photo, PRweb

  • Alternative Jewelry For Special Nights Out

    toymesneaker.jpgThese are some cool alternatives to the sparkling gems we love. These may actually start conversations and get you a little playful envy! Creative adornment by artistic people for lovely evenings out… very nice to keep for yourself or give as gifts. Photo, ToyMe Sneaker

    It’s a Tie!

    photos1.jpgFormal fashion has men wearing a variety of accessories and one of them is a tie. No need for a tie to be boring or ugly. They can be a way of expressing a personal interest, hobby, profession and even to be funny. It’s nice to see a dash of color on usually dark colored formal suits. Check out some of these fun and beautiful ties available online. Photo, Sovereign Beck Ties

    Book, “Wonderland: The Story of a Prom”

    392682778prhgfm_ph.jpgSeems like Racine Wisconsin (location of the film “The World’s Best Prom”) is not the only town that knows how to throw a Prom!

    “Pennsbury High School outside Philadelphia takes its senior prom seriously. No, seriously. Hordes of people in the 73,000-strong local community come out to see the outlandish parade (fire trucks, stretch Hummers) carrying some 1,200 attendants to the school’s red carpet. The 2003 prom is the all-stops-out climax of Michael Bamberger’s deeply affecting Wonderland””

    Sometimes dreams really do come true. Check out this book about the year in the life of a high school that has at its center the preparations for their Prom. Among the stories of the lives of some of the students and teachers they have a collective dream to have John Mayer play their event. This book brought them the attention they needed for the next year’s Prom to have a memorable ending. Photo, smilez0724

    “It was great to get back to the simplicity of just showing up somewhere and playing,” he says. “But the best part is realizing that not a single drop of that moment is going to be lost on these kids. It will be written on their brains for the rest of their lives. It was really exciting. I’m thinking I should start doing six proms a night.” John Mayer

    Costa says that even after Mayer made his exit, the students were buzzing for hours. “People came up to me the entire night and hugged me or gave me high-fives,” he says. “The girls were crying and the guys were ecstatic. This stuff just doesn’t happen. It’s too movie-like. For those few moments, it was perfect.”
    From Rolling Stone’s coverage of the event.

  • smilez0724’s photos of that special Prom night and John Mayer.
  • Purchase the book on

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  • Rolling Stone’s article about the event.
  •’s story on John Mayer’s Prom performance.
  • Gregg Latterman on VH1 reveals that John Mayer did not even go to his own Prom.
  • Yahoo Music’s mention of the Mayer Prom appearance.
  • Pennsbury High School’s Website
  • Nick Verreos Takes You To The Prom

    gse_multipart39672.jpgMy friends at Blogging Project Runway report that Nick Verreos has designed some wonderful Prom Gowns that are fun and flirty. Ads for these are running in Seventeen Prom and Teen Prom and can be ordered direct from Windsor Fashion. The prices for these A-List creations are so reasonable too!

    The Inspiration Scrapbook, New Pictures

    tiiu4ue5.jpgAdded more wonderful pictures to the Inspiration Scrapbook.. click here!

    What Are The “Important” Birthdays?

    cake-birthday-candles-flowers-2-80a.jpgSweet Sixteen, Quinceanera, Bar/Bat Mitzvah (12 and 13 years old), are birthdays and celebrations we know the best to be special. But we also put a lot of emphasis on 18 and 21 too. All of these mark a transition from childhood into adulthood at different stages of our lives. Photo and Cake,

    There are also other milestone ages to look forward to as you grow up. Marking the start of decades has a lot of significance to people. You always hear “turning the Big Four-Oh” and other phrases like that at turning 30, 40, 50 etc. These ages have more significance to some people as they enter that particular decade of their lives. Some throw a party at this point but may not make a big deal or even officially celebrate the years in between.

    Other countries have birthday and age traditons that differ from the US. Deseret News had an interesting question posed to them and their answer shows you a glimpse into what other countries view as special ages:

    Five Little Evening Bags Under $100

    _5239142.jpgIf all you need on a formal night out is lipstick, credit card or some cash, and a compact to touch up the occasional shine then all you need is one of these lovely little bags. Small enough to not interfere with your look and pretty enough to add a dash of glitz these are very sweet. All are $80 or less on sale at Nordstrom.

    Five Formal And Prom Gowns For Under $100

    edressme_1926_28037662.gifI like to peek in on website’s sales to see what gowns are under $100 because sales are the best places to find gowns that once cost much more and are now being marked down. Some cute gowns and dresses are priced to start at under $100 but isn’t it fun to get a dress for under that when it was once a lot more? Of course the most important thing is looking good but who doesn’t like a great sale? All gowns and photos,

    How To Make A Shawl For Your Gown

    sparkling_evening_shawl.jpgSome gowns come with a shawl when you purchase them. They are usually made of the same fabric, and are pretty I’m sure, but if you don’t want that “matchy-matchy” look consider creating a shawl yourself. It could be another creative expression on your glittering night. Photo,
    Dream a little dream of shawls..