Fashion and Social Advice


  • Find Wonderful Fashions For Less
  • When Shopping Put Your Camera To Use
  • Great Prom Gown Shopping Tips and Tricks
  • Great Advice and Glam Gowns
  • How To Pin on a Corsage or Boutonnière
  • Top 3 Ideas for a Safe After-Prom Party
  • When to Start Planning for Prom
  • How To Find the Perfect Outfit
  • How To Ask Out a Date
  • How To Pick a Prom Theme
  • Creative Fundraising Ideas Can Make a Difference
  • Inexpensive and Stylish
  • Have a Prom Fashion Show
  • Prom Planning Committee. Why Join? What Needs To Happen?
  • Avoiding Bad Peer Pressure
  • Going Alone or in a Group? Why Not?
  • How To Rent a Tux
  • How To Rent a Limo
  • Useful Holiday Tip, How To Wrap Presents
  • Advice Before You Buy a Bra
  • How To Wear Skinny Jeans
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