Prom Project in South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska

Prom ProjectNew addition to the big list of Free and Low Cost Gowns! A very cool service that includes not only help getting a gown but also photography! Click Prom Project in South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska to get more info if you are in the area. Remember if you have a service in another area that is not listed let me know so I can add it.


Free and Low Cost Gowns


Remember the list is always being updated (click here!) as I find mentions of these services. Plus if you know of one not listed here let me know! I hope this can help people have a great night and not miss out because of costs!

Trashing Your Prom

yourprom.jpgThe Magazine I mean. Of course the complaints reported in Gawker regarding a bad review on the blog Magazine Rack, have a point under all the cattiness. Would you like to see more plus-sized models in Prom Magazines? I think so because there are a lot of girls who are interested in prom fashion that are not model sized so why not show all the shapes and sizes of the buying public? Well expect more fun stuff on Gawker about Prom because they are subscribing to the magazine! Oh and yes I am one of Gawker’s Artists. I am glad they brought this up even if it wasn’t their intention to point this issue out I think Prom Magazines should show more diverse body types.

Five Lovely Plus Sized Prom Gowns Under $100

2006_06_21_jane_russell.jpgWhen you think of goddesses you don’t think of stick figures. Plus sized gowns are as gorgeous as any other sized designs. These sites have more choices at different prices too, but as you can see, lovely pieces come in under $100. Some of these are on sale so check it out quick if you like one because sizes and quantity may be limited. Bookmark the sites for checking in on later for more sales. I linked to two gowns just slightly over $100 (in addition to the five, scroll down) since they were so lovely you had to see them.