Interesting Prom Mentions in the News 5

thumb_1174090308867_0p70159.jpgParent outraged over glassware passed out as Prom momentos

Some parents are outraged over junior prom souvenirs. Copper Hills High School students are getting glassware that look like beer mugs and champagne glasses. That’s what Gary Davis’ son brought home from school after he bought his prom tickets. Davis says, “I was shocked, appalled that this type of material was given out by the school to underage kids.” Concerned parents say these glasses send a mixed – and dangerous – message to high school students.

Dresses recall eras of boogie, twist, big apple

Glitzy or glamorous, smart or sassy, the dresses featured in the second annual Dare to Be Vintage Prom Fashion Show, were just as individual as the high school models wearing them. Those who shop at Eclectic Twyst in downtown Howell have come to expect standout items.

Millburn students give Shoa survivors a reason to celebrate

The evening, like the “Prom of Your Dreams” for Shoa survivors held two years ago, was conceived in the eighth-grade Holocaust studies classroom of Mary Vazquez. As they did for the prom, vendors donated their services, from the fresh flowers to the live music to the catering hall, which was provided by owner Allan Janoff, whose son is in the Holocaust studies class. (He also had a child in the class that created the prom.)

Copycat gowns not on at girls’ night of nights

According to Perth designer Dana Mathers, a girl’s dream night will quickly spiral into a nightmare if her double is seen dazzling the crowd on the same dance floor.
The exclusive frock, costing anywhere between $259 and $849, is recorded on a custom-designed prom registry, promising that particular gown will not be sold in any other colour to anyone else attending the same event.

Valley View Students Learn Danger of Drinking & Driving

With prom season just around the corner, school officials teamed up with Jonesboro Emergency personnel to show students the dangers of drinking and driving.

“At any moment you could be dead and lose everything that you ever loved or ever wanted,” said Jordan Huggins who participated in the mock accident.


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