Find Wonderful Fashions for Less

Daily photo by JonathanĀ PalmerYou’ll never know what you can find at a thrift or vintage store if you don’t look! Check out this amazing article to see the kind of wonderful fashions you can find, yes even for formal events and Prom! Imagine too the things you can get for everyday at amazing prices. You are also helping charities in many cases too. So if you can’t afford a gown or tuxedo don’t despair just get looking. Department stores are not the only places you can find fashions like these. Why miss a wonderful night because the mall shops are too expensive there are alternatives and as you can see by this article you can find wonderful things. You friends may even be envious you found so much for so little!

Armed with fashion, Spring looks at bargain prices at Salvation Army fashion show
By Patrice Stewart

Maythion Casteel of Falkville got his first chance as a fashion model Saturday and bought the Brooks Brothers suit he wore for just $6.

To brighten the black suit, he spent another $3 for a purple dress shirt by D’Amante.

This bargain buy and others could have been yours if you moved quickly after the fashion show presented by the Salvation Army’s thrift store in Decatur.


Little Girls, Just Want to Have Fun

sw-267_lg.jpgLittle girls, maybe it’s safe to say, especially little girls, love to imagine being dressed like princesses in pretty gowns and dancing at night under twinkling lights. I think it’s wonderful that there are events where a little girl can get dressed up and dance like her big sister at the prom. Photo, The Perfect Pear

Here was one story in the news about a Daddy and Daughter Sweetheart Dance in Casper WY. A formal dance event for dads and daughters that raised money for a local charity.

There was also a 10th Annual Douglas County OR, Father Daughter Dance formal event with an Under Sea theme. The point of these events is to encourage the bond between fathers and daughters, which is a great thing.

Prom Dress-up Games!

barbie_in_gowns_2.jpgMaybe you aren’t old enough to go to the Prom yet, or maybe you just like playing cute dress-up games, either way, these are fun for the young and young-at-heart. These dress-up games have cute graphics and are hosted on various family websites- you might even get some ideas for fashions and themes! Graphic,

  • ELLEgirl Magazine’s Primp My Prom Game.
  • Skybreeze Game’s Prom Night Couples Dress Up Game
  • Lifetime TV’s Create Your Perfect Prom Dress
  • i-Dressup’s Barbie Party, Barbie In Gowns, and Barbie In Gowns 2. And log on to play i-Dressup’s games Prom Dresses and Prom Dress 2.
  • Had to add this one: Spring Couture Dresses dress-up game. These are just some very gorgeous gowns.

    Beware.. these are very addicting!
    For more fun join:
    Bratz TV for more cute links

    More on Event Fashion here!