Under The Sea Prom or Party Theme

The Under The Sea theme is a very popular one because it involves elements of fantasy and great colors. The feeling of an under-sea environment is easy to create with the right colors and decorations and is something many people enjoy.

    Use fish netting draped on tables and in corners and walls.

    Hang starfish, fish shapes, and sea glass from the netting.

    Paint a seascape mural for the photo backdrop.

    Metallic blue sheeting and paint can enhance the feeling by painting wave shapes and hanging this on walls.

    Shells will look good everywhere.

    Have an Atlantis Pyramid shape as a set.

    Find or create a giant cut-out of King Neptune or Mermaids.

    Use aquamarine or blue and green candles on tables propped in shells with scents that are tropical.

    Using clear balloons, you can create bubbles anywhere by tying them in clusters everywhere around the room.

    A creative idea is to hire a good balloon sculptor to make you various sea creatures.

    Bright colored balloons work well as sea creatures and plant life.

    Use bright colored sparkling pom poms as sea anemones as centerpieces on tables.

    Create a mock shipwreck and have colored beads and other little treasure-like items coming out of a chest for people to wear and take home.

    Have gold coin candies in net bags to give out.

    Have props like flippers and air masks around for people to put on if they want to be funny and pretend to “swim” under the water on the dancefloor.

Was this, or something just like this, your event theme? Let me know what ideas you used to make it a great night.

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