Moonlight Serenade Themed Prom or Party

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A Moonlight Serenade Themed Prom or Party does not have to be only about the Moon, it can be about the starry skies you see on clear nights in cities. This might make the theme more popular in urban areas since the stars are not as visible in the city as they would be in the country. Pair this theme with a garden pathway look, a park with a city skyline at night or a mysterious magical glade and it can be a very beautiful theme.

    Centerpieces could be made up of arrangements of pastel flowers and irridescent marbles in the water to add a starlight glow.

    Place star tipped “wands” with silver streamers by plates or hand out to all the guests and let people have their own bit of starlight to wave around.

    Stick to white or pastel colored candles with scents like lavender and gardenia.

    Colors could be dark blue, white, green, and silver.

    Tables can be covered in black linen and set with white or silver china.

    Decorations could be painted such as cobblestone paths between the tables.

    Sprinkle opalescent sparkles and confetti around to represent starlight reflections on paths and water.

    A musician could wander around playing songs on a mandolin.

    A good choice for a theme song could be the classic song by Glenn Miller titled, Moonlight Serenade. First recorded in 1939 it has been performed by many artists, including Frank Sinatra and has been used on many popular shows like “Lost” several times. In the past it was referrred to as our nation’s second national anthem. It would make a nice break in the newer songs.

    On the walls and the stage there can be a backdrop of a silhouetted cityscape with a full moon hanging overhead.

    Have a large glittered Star on the wall to “make wishes” on.

    Place bench props between real trees and plants against the back wall of the room to look like a city street by a park.

    Wrap lamp post sets, trees and plants with twinkle lights.

    The backdrop for the photographer could be a carriage or a gazebo with a sky scene of a moonlit park behind it.

Was this, or something just like this, your event theme? Let me know what ideas you used to make it a great night.

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