Malan Breton’s Spring 2011 Fashion Week Show

Read all about this beautiful show and see the pix and vids flickr set here!


Are You Model Material? Rock Your Prom Show MI

show1orange2.jpgCheck this out if you are in the area and if you win have a wonderful time! You might become a famous model someday!

“Are You Model Material? Seventeen Magazine and JC Penney are sponsoring a “Rock Your Prom” model call for girls and guys ages 13-21. Scouts from John Casablancas will be looking for fresh faces 4 p.m.-6 p.m. Thursday at Center Court at Lakeside Mall (14300 Lakeside Circle, Sterling Heights).
No registration required.

Introducing Prom Queen.TV

promx.jpgCheck it out here: Prom Queen TV

Gear Live reports:
Michael Eisner, former CEO of Disney, has announced the formation of Vuguru, a studio that will develop what they claim will be a “slickly written, produced, and acted Web video about love, gossip and betrayal.” In other words, his investment company, The Tornate, will be producing a professionally made YouTube soap opera.

Eisner feels that although YouTube has won the first battle in Internet TV, real media moguls will ultimately win the broadband war. His first show will be “Prom Queen,” a who-done-it with daily 90-second installments beginning April 2. You will find all 80 episodes on, (a “Prom Queen” sponsor,) Veoh, and of course, YouTube.

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  • Dig Up Prom Photos to Share with Readers, IA

    bilde-3.jpgOh dear this will be fun to see! If you are in the Des Moines area send in those vintage photos and you could “win a dinner for two at Centro to relive old prom memories with your date.”

    For those of us not in the area we can enjoy looking at those old Prom pictures!

    The oldies but goodies.
    Got a photo of yourself in a dated dress?

    • Submit it to the Register at Further instructions are on the site.
    • You can also mail them to Prom Dress, Des Moines Register, P.O. Box 957, Des Moines, IA 50309.
    • Questions? Call 284-8438


    When Shopping Put Your Camera To Use

    z35665810.jpgWhen I see a great tip I love to share it. This one makes such perfect sense! The article itself, from Huntington News, is not all fashion related, but has great tips for putting your camera to use.
    The shopping tip was wonderful and one you should consider. Check out the article for more cool tips in all kinds of situations. So if you were thinking about buying a camera maybe just the thought of heading out for the hectic adventure that prom shopping is then this might make you go get one.
    Then think of all the fun pix you can take on Prom night too!

    Buying a prom dress is a huge production that can leave a girl with a pile of discarded dresses on the floor and a mind swirling with choices. Does dress No. 14 look better than dress No. 3? Can you remember? To make sure, have someone photograph you in each dress so that you can compare.