“21 Proms” Book Reading Today in NYC

s640×4801.jpg21 Proms Book Reading at the Tompkins Square Park Branch of the Public Library.

“Teen Authors Read @ The Tompkins Square Branch Library.”
Date: Wednesday, March 7 Time: 6:00 PM

Audience: young adults

Please join us as we welcome a very special panel of teen authors hosted by David Levithan, including Erin Downing, author of Prom Crashers, Maryrose Wood, author of Why I Let My Hair Grow Out, Justine Larbalestier, author of Magic’s Child, Leslie Margolis, author of Price of Admission, Eireann Corrigan, author of Ordinary Ghosts and authors from the forthcoming anthology, 21 Proms! For ages 12-18.
Get the book 21 Proms here.
Tompkins Square Branch
331 East 10th Street
(212) 228-4747

Review from Amazon:
“21 PROMS tells the stories of, well, twenty-one proms. Twenty-one fantastic authors contributed to this collection, and each and every one of the stories is fabulous and enjoyable. A few, however, really stick out in my mind after finishing this book.


A Guide To Your Perfect Prom

158816551501_aa180_sclzzzzzzz_.jpgCheck out these great tips on how to make your prom night fun and less stressful. This is a great article from Courier Journal and it’s an interview with Joanna Saltz, executive style editor of Seventeen magazine. She is quite an expert since you can say she literally “wrote the book”. That book is “Seventeen’s Guide to Your Perfect Prom — A Planner & Scrapbook”. Check it out!

There’s no denying it, the prom is an enormous extravaganza for a high school student.

That’s why Joanna Saltz, executive style editor of Seventeen magazine, decided to write a book about one of the biggest nights of a teen’s life. It’s called “Seventeen’s Guide to Your Perfect Prom — A Planner & Scrapbook” (Hearst Communications, 2007, $14.95).

“Prom is a major milestone in a teenager’s life. … It is such a huge thing for a lot of our readers,” Saltz said. “Part of the mission with this book is to make sure that our readers understand that there is a lot of planning that goes into it, but it doesn’t have to be stressful.”

Book, “Wonderland: The Story of a Prom”

392682778prhgfm_ph.jpgSeems like Racine Wisconsin (location of the film “The World’s Best Prom”) is not the only town that knows how to throw a Prom!

“Pennsbury High School outside Philadelphia takes its senior prom seriously. No, seriously. Hordes of people in the 73,000-strong local community come out to see the outlandish parade (fire trucks, stretch Hummers) carrying some 1,200 attendants to the school’s red carpet. The 2003 prom is the all-stops-out climax of Michael Bamberger’s deeply affecting Wonderland” EW.com”

Sometimes dreams really do come true. Check out this book about the year in the life of a high school that has at its center the preparations for their Prom. Among the stories of the lives of some of the students and teachers they have a collective dream to have John Mayer play their event. This book brought them the attention they needed for the next year’s Prom to have a memorable ending. Photo, smilez0724

“It was great to get back to the simplicity of just showing up somewhere and playing,” he says. “But the best part is realizing that not a single drop of that moment is going to be lost on these kids. It will be written on their brains for the rest of their lives. It was really exciting. I’m thinking I should start doing six proms a night.” John Mayer

Costa says that even after Mayer made his exit, the students were buzzing for hours. “People came up to me the entire night and hugged me or gave me high-fives,” he says. “The girls were crying and the guys were ecstatic. This stuff just doesn’t happen. It’s too movie-like. For those few moments, it was perfect.”
From Rolling Stone’s coverage of the event.

  • smilez0724’s photos of that special Prom night and John Mayer.
  • Purchase the book on Amazon.com

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  • Duct Tape Gown!

    duct_tape_prom_by_prozann.jpgI suppose you can make a duct tape gown and tux for any occasion.. I don’t recall duct tape being the fashion for only one kind of event or another.. its fun that it’s used at all! So here is some information on the alternative “fabric” that some folks use. There are also some craft book links too because you may want to make some accessories for that gown once you are done, like this duct tape purse! Dress pictured by Prozann

    1018.jpgThis is how one couple made their duct tape fashions. Their main page is here. Check out their full gallery.

    Enter your duct tape creation in this contest brought to you by Duck Brand Duct Tape Company. Starts March 5 2007, ends June 8 2007. Let me know if you enter and send me your pictures! Check out their past winners in the “yearbook”. Check out more duct tape fun here with the Duct Tape Guys.

    Duct Tape Craft Books

  • Ductigami: The Art of the Tape
  • Got Tape?: Roll Out the Fun With Duct Tape!
  • The Jumbo Duct Tape Book
  • The Original Duct Tape Halloween Book