Malan Breton Fashion Week 9/12 2007 Pete Wentz

I got to Style Lounge at about 10am on the day of Malan’s show and Pete Wentz was there and had been there I was told since 9am working on a show of his own. He worked straight through to Malan’s show and then stayed and sat in the front row. His cool lounge Angels and Kings / AK-47 is the ground floor of my building here in NYC so it was funny seeing him there. He is a very sweet person. AK-47 is a great place with really nice people working there. Come by and have a drink sometime.
So in the mix of Pete and the camera crew Malan Breton was preparing for his stunning Fashion Week show. The usual missing model drama that so many designers have happened but didn’t stop the show. Melrose, wrongfully called bitchy by ANTM was an angel helping and trying on the fashions to fill in for the missing girl and when a model had a bad cough had some friendly folks go out and get her some tea. Every time I have met her Melrose has been amazing and sweet, I think the America’s Next Top Model season she appeared in just needed a villain and played up the stress to make her look like that kind of person via editing but from my experiences with her it’s NOT true. Project Runway seemed to try to make Malan into a bad boy and the opposite is true he is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. No sewing from me this time I have some cool art projects you’ll hear about soon-ish that have been swamping me (happily so). I feel lucky to have him in my life and as part of my family in this world.
These are my pix and vidz from the event mainly before and during from backstage.
The quiet before the Fashion Week storm..
Pete Wentz Runway Walk

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Pete does his runway walk

Pete Wentz pulled about

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Yes people were pulling Pete back and forth and everywhere for literally hours

Malan and Pete
The Mists of Fashion Week

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Mists of hairspray began to rise as the hairstylists got down to it. Even angelic looking redheads need a little style help
Melrose Fashion Week run-through

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Melrose starts off the run-through before the show

Malan Bretons show begins

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All the months of work come down to this moment..
Backstage at Malan Bretons Fashion Week show 9/12

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Backstage the models wait to walk the catwalk and Malan watches over all of it

Blogging Project Runway’s YouTube vidz of the show

Fun backstage and afterward


The Prom On America’s Next Top Model

americas-next-top-model.jpgAs reported on Reality TV Magazine, looks like we have some Prom themed fun to look forward to on the next America’s Next Top Model.

“Runway expert J. Alexander makes a grand appearance and the girls get “schooled” in the art of walking the runway. The girls participate in a prom-themed fashion show and one model who thinks she rocked it gets some negative criticism.

Later, the girls pose in a challenging photo shoot portraying high school clichés. The praise one model receives makes another model jealous. The judges eliminate one model.
Special guests include runway show producer and guest judge Roy Campbell; guest photographer Carlos Rios; professional stylist, Hallie Bowman.
America’s Next Top Model airs on The CW from 8PM to 9PM ET on Wednesday, March 7, 2007.

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  • Oscar Fashions For Less

    280_oscarfashion_abs_070226_gty_73418029_73422478_73417758.jpgLove what you see on the Red Carpet? Well you can have some of those looks for less. EW reports that designer “ALLEN B. SCHWARTZ came up with the idea of creating dresses that make women’s dreams come true at an affordable price.”

    “From a fashion standpoint, I thought the show was good, not great,” says Schwartz, who has been interpreting red-carpet fashions for the past 15 to 20 years. “There were a few of what I would call ‘wow’ dresses. CAMERON DIAZ looked fantastic. CATE BLANCHETT was incredible. JENNIFER LOPEZ was fabulous, and PENÉLOPE CRUZ was a showstopper — that dress was incredible, but after that, I thought it was just average.”

    Find his fashions at “at leading department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s and Lord & Taylor.”

    Here Comes Project Prom

    Modeled after Project Runway this event, in Pensacola Florida, allows local designers to show off their design talent. The organizers paired designers up with award winning teen essay authors to work together to design the perfect prom gown with the teens as the clients. The designers have four weeks to create their client’s perfect gown from their descriptions.

    “The second annual Pensacola News Journal competition, based on the hit Bravo TV show “Project Runway,” feature 10 local fashion designer wannabes vying for the title of Top Local Aspiring Fashion Designer. Two of the contestants are sisters competing as a team. Nine local teens have been chosen based on their short essays and they will get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of having a dress custom designed and made for them.” Project Prom

    The website has a lot of fun prom information beyond the contest itself. It must be exciting for the winning essay writers to receive a free prom gown. There is also a link on their website to contact a local service that provides free and low cost gowns for girls who can’t afford one of their own.

    There are many other services like this around the country. Check out this list of services and if you know of one in your area that is not listed let me know. Everybody should have a chance at a wonderful prom night.

    Lily Allen’s Prom Gown Glam

    la10.jpgLily’s personal style is fun for those of us who secretly wish we could wear gowns everywhere because she does just that. She is known for wearing new and vintage prom gowns with sneakers and gold jewelry. Her fashion sense not only got her noticed beyond her fast rising music career but landed her a deal with UK Retailer New Look, to design her own line. It’s going to be titled appropriately “Lily Loves” and will be available in May. Look for six dresses, two pairs of shoes and some brightly colored accessories.

    So look for the release of the line and the cool ad campaign pictures they are promising. In the meantime you can keep up with Lily’s music and tour schedule here on her official website. Photo, LilyAllenMusic

    Meet Nick Verreos, enter to Win a Free Gown


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    It’s so cute check it out for free ringtones and a video!
    Bratz Fashion Pixiez E-card!

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