The Inspiration Scrapbook

I am inspired by my neighborhood, the East Village, and just walking the streets in New York City. I notice that not just shop windows but the people themselves are walking canvases. I have a real scrapbook in my room where I clip pictures from fashion magazines. I may not be able to wear some things (seriously who can wear a two story long train?) but just the image, the picture, the color combinations may make me happy just to look at them. Here I will just keep adding pretty pictures I find that inspire me. Maybe they will inspire you too and I think everybody should keep a scrapbook online or for real (or both). On that cold day at home snuggled up with a warm drink its a fun thing to go through and add to and dream over. Maybe even one day be the foundation for inspiring your own fashion line. (photo credits, various sources, no ownership implied. For inspiration purpose only)

  • Marc Jacobs Fall 2006
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2006
  • Gorgeous page of wallpapers with actresses in high fashion photos. And this Jessica Biel wallpaper is gorgeous. So is this LeeLee Sobieski wallpaper and this is just a great picture.

    lilydior.jpg11galliano.jpg11ouseonthehill_bwae04.jpg11houseonthehill_bwae01.jpg11102027.jpg11102028_b.jpg11lilycole03.jpg11lilycole02.jpg11lily04.jpg11lilycole01.jpg11sh5.jpg11shalomharlow.jpg11secret-garden2.jpg11shalom291.jpg11secret-garden3.jpg22odels_ful.jpg22ssicastam22.jpg22essicastam48.jpg22002.jpg22129.jpgGemma Ward647869_fd4c393215_m.jpglilycole06.jpg4kc.jpg5pd0.jpg8md0.jpg1.jpggemma-ward-18.jpggemma-ward-16.jpggemma_ward_pop_aw04_1.jpggemma_ward_pop_aw04_6.jpggemma_ward_vogue_au_0904_kudos5.jpggemma_ward_vogue_0805_kudos5.jpggemma_ward_vogue_0805_kudos71.jpggemma_ward_vogue_0805_kudos3.jpggemma_ward_vogue_0805_kudos4.jpgadv_3721.jpgdior_ss2006_stella-tennant_003.jpgstella.jpg00350m.jpgscotlandyardsbwmtst146nc.jpg2003flair0401a2ha.jpgfotodecvogue2006maywalker05310.jpgjacquettawheelerlilydonldsonka.jpgnylon55lk.jpgjuliannamoorelaspatadecaronv01.jpgcarmencassmichaelthompsonnv012.jpgkarenelsonthomasschenk02ut9.jpg8xsb9y.jpgnerblecharlizetheronflaunt117u.jpgbl4ck06aelisecrombezvogueit040tx4.jpgtiiu4ue5.jpgpaablonevada_wideweb__430×258.jpgtiiu52gp.jpg4ti.jpgleelee_034.jpgleelees017.jpgleelees025.jpgleeleesobi_grani_743949_600.jpg

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