Hawaiian Themed Prom or Party

A great theme is one that depicts Hawaii. Tropical images are very popular and fun to have in colder weather for example, to dream of sea breezes and colorful flowers. The color combinations to use to decorate are dramatic and beautiful. Here are tips for planning your party in paradise.

    Turn fans on low around the dance floor to give a beach breezes feeling.

    Welcome everyone with silk flower or shell Leis.

    Float candles in bowls of water or propped on shells as centerpieces.

    Use fresh Hawaiian Pineapples as table centerpieces.

    Use coconut scented candles in coconut shells as centerpieces.

    Decorate tables using Fishing Nets as tablecloths, and accent with sand and shells.

    Fill a tropical colored plastic or blow-up Kiddy Pool with ice and keep canned and bottled beverages in it.

    Decorate the edge of tables with real Raffia Hula Skirts.

    Have a Hula Dancer perform.

    Use bamboo matting on the floor.

    Paint the backdrops for photos with palm trees swaying in the breeze, brightly colored exotic flowers, hula dancers and surfboards.

    Add other details such as windsocks and stepping stones to enhance the beach feeling.

Was this, or something just like this, your event theme? Let me know what ideas you used to make it a great night.

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