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  • My most popular page The Big List of Prom Themes. Send me pix of your prom!
  • How to Pick the Right Theme for your School
  • The History of the Prom
  • Join the Prom Planning Committee, What You Need to Accomplish
  • Creative Fundraising Ideas to Make Your Prom Even Better!
  • Tips on Finding the Perfect Gown
  • Creative Prom and Formal Fashion for Guys
  • Free and Low Cost Gowns in your area If you have a service or know of one in your local area send it in!
  • Tips for a Safe After-Prom Party
  • Tasty Prom Party Food Ideas
  • A Very Inspiring Book of One School’s Prom
    Explore the Event Fashion site and links for all kinds of tips and inspiration.

  • Interesting Prom Mentions in the News 4

    Taylor DiSantisSpeaking of Sweet Charity check out this cool story (and others!).

    Sweet charity

    Watching the excesses described on the MTV reality show “My Super Sweet 16” last summer led St. Joseph Central High School sophomore Taylor DiSantis to turn his 16th birthday party on March 3 into a fundraiser for teen activities.

    DiSantis, with help from fellow St. Joseph’s students Ryan Storie, Eric Kulpa, Jessica Healy and Courtney Failla, raised $2,200 that they plan to use to provide financial and other mentoring assistance for Berkshire County youngsters between the ages of 5 and 18. More than 100 teens from four high schools attended DiSantis’ party, which took place at the Sons of Italy’s Itam Lodge.

    “I was expecting $1,000 at best,” DiSantis said.


    Free and Low Cost Gowns


    Remember the list is always being updated (click here!) as I find mentions of these services. Plus if you know of one not listed here let me know! I hope this can help people have a great night and not miss out because of costs!

    Interesting Prom Mentions in the News 3

    0043.jpgSpoto juniors step in to help Chamberlain seniors

    A Chamberlain High School teacher was accused of embezzling almost $10,000 from the north Tampa school’s senior class prom fund.

    The Spoto junior class realizes the importance of the senior prom. They have decided to forego their junior prom to save money for next year’s senior prom. Spoto opened in August and has no graduating class this year.

    Lindsay Landram, a Spoto teacher and the junior-class adviser, called Chamberlain with one question: What can we do to help?


    Interesting Prom Mentions in the News 2

    0304teen.jpgTeen of the week:

    Dyslexic teen helps youngsters learn self-esteem
    He’s the senior class treasurer of the Christian Home Educators Network – a group of home-schooled kids his age from the area. The group’s 20 seniors get together every month for socials, movies, field trips and jaunts to area ski slopes, and are planning for a prom at Martin’s West in April.
    “We even have a yearbook,” he said.


    Duct tape Stuck at Prom contest

    camouflage_gaffers_tape_180.jpgThis looks like fun! You could win scholarship money for you and your school!

    The 2007 Duck brand duct tape Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest challenges high school students to create and accessorize their prom formalwear with duct tape.

    Entries must be received by June 8. Go to for rules and registration.

  • Participants must submit an entry form and a photo of themselves wearing the duct tape prom formalwear.

  • Entries can be submitted at or mailed to: Stuck at Prom Contest; c/o Henkel Corp.; 32150 Just Imagine Drive; Avon, OH 44011-1355.

  • Ten couples will be chosen as finalists by judges who are looking at workmanship, originality, use of colors, accessories and quantity of tape used. Online public voting will decide the winning couple. Voting is June 15-24.

  • Winners will be announced on or around July 11. The winning couple will receive a $6,000 ($3,000 for each person) cash scholarship for college, and $3,000 will be awarded to the high school hosting the winning couple’s prom. Second-place winners will each receive a $2,000 scholarship, with the high school also receiving $2,000. The third-place couple each will win a $1,000 scholarship, and the high school will get $1,000.

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  • How To Pick a Prom Theme

    60162-2.jpgYour prom theme is very important. It will be remembered for years to come by your classmates.

    Here are some tips to help you decide:

    Think about the type of prom you want to have, and see if your school has developed the guidelines for the prom colors, decorations etc. so you don’t make a lot of plans and then have to change them. Some themes are central where the students dress in theme with the decorations, or it can be specified as a theme to be appreciated as the backdrop alone. Whatever theme you choose make sure it fits the personality and customs of your student body. Don’t have a Disco Fever Night at your school if you know that no one listens to that genre for example.

    Interesting Prom Mentions in the News

    get_image.jpgPicture this: The winter formal

    When a child is born with autism or Down syndrome, many of the special things in life are just not obtainable. Many of life’s milestones, like the first time you got behind the wheel, or that first kiss, are out of reach. But on this night, the staff at the South Bergen Jointure Middle/High School — with some help from the Rutherford Elks — were determined to make a memory for 40 kids that would last forever. The first-ever Winter Formal was a huge success.


    Creative Fundraising Ideas can also Make a Difference

    teddybearpoppy.jpgYour school may have a budget for special events already, but if not, or your class wants something extra special, fundraising ideas can be creative and fun.

    In this sweet news item, the Teddy Bear was part of a contest to raise money for a prom in a school in England. The Teddy obviously went on to make others happy. That’s the fun part of fundraising projects, you raise money, and make others happy along the way. Get creative, work hard and every dollar does something good. Photo, Ian Narin

    A Moonlight Serenade

    ist1_227098_moonlight_city.jpgI like to acknowledge people like this who help make special events happen for special people. This is a Senior Citizen’s dance with a Moonlight Serenade Prom Theme. That’s a great theme idea for any Prom or Dance.

    If you, your group or class does nice events like this ninth annual Senior Citizen Prom in Asbury Park, NJ, send me the news or website link and some pictures after the event. I hope these inspire others to do the same in their neighborhood and community.

    “The prom draws the interest not only of seniors and students but also former students who return year after year to participate”, Ponti said. “The program was started, in part, because many seniors didn’t have an opportunity to attend their high school proms because of social and economic conditions at the time,” she said. Toni Ponti, one of the event’s coordinators.

    Have a Prom Fashion Show

    semcaorg.jpg Have you ever thought of having a Prom Fashion Show? It is a lot of work but can be very beneficial to your class and to local businesses. It might be fun to model fashions while your friends either model with you or watch as local businesses show off what they sell. A lot of people may not even know what shops are in their own cities so this is helpful knowing what’s available in their neighborhood. Photo,

    Seeing new fashions up close can save you a lot of time and money when trying to pick out the right thing to wear. Something might look pretty in a magazine, but in person you may not like it as much, or you may like it even more.

    This can also be a great preparation for the Prom Planning Committee. You can find out who works hard and can be depended on and you’ll have a solid start to knowing who will do the best job when it comes to the actual Prom. Fun and hard work can mix and produce something your fellow classmates will love.

    Little Girls, Just Want to Have Fun

    sw-267_lg.jpgLittle girls, maybe it’s safe to say, especially little girls, love to imagine being dressed like princesses in pretty gowns and dancing at night under twinkling lights. I think it’s wonderful that there are events where a little girl can get dressed up and dance like her big sister at the prom. Photo, The Perfect Pear

    Here was one story in the news about a Daddy and Daughter Sweetheart Dance in Casper WY. A formal dance event for dads and daughters that raised money for a local charity.

    There was also a 10th Annual Douglas County OR, Father Daughter Dance formal event with an Under Sea theme. The point of these events is to encourage the bond between fathers and daughters, which is a great thing.

    Palmdale’s Senior Project Gift of Dance

    Seniors from Palmdale High School CA, have a senior project where they give a Winter Ball for special education students. It is the only school in the Antelope Valley Union High School District that does this.

    “The Winter Ball is an annual event that has been organized by seniors as part of their senior project, a graduation requirement.
    ‘We are just giving them a prom so they can do normal things like we get to do,” said Jessica Pierik, one of three seniors who planned the event. “They are just sweet little kids. I thought I could just help and make them happy.’

    This year’s formal event was attended by 80 special education students who had a memorable night. They had music, dancing and dinner. The attendees had their pictures taken and even crowned a king and queen with sashes, tiara and crown. How much did this cost?
    “The students did not have to pay for anything. The school club Special Falcons raised money to cover the costs, Recentio said.” Maybe this will inspire other senior class clubs to do something this special.

    If you’d like to help someone have a great prom or formal dance you might not be able to throw a free event but you can donate gowns and formal wear.. Check out this list and see if your area is listed, if not, check your local news to see if they announce a location to donate gowns.

    Prom Planning Committee, Why Join? What Needs To Happen?

    cordcom_calendar_.jpgWhy would you consider joining the Prom planning committee? It’s an incredible opportunity to create a night your fellow classmates will remember for the rest of their lives. If that isn’t enough, think of the satisfaction of knowing you were one of the people who made it happen. All those smiles and stories that will be told for years to come, will be because of you and the others who made it happen! Photo,

    You will also learn how to work well with a diverse group of people and these skills will benefit you in many other settings such as college and future jobs. Even if you will be self-employed one day you will always need to know how to pull together a group of people to accomplish a goal, so why not start learning those skills now? Plus, it’s so much fun.

    Watch Inspiring Prom Theme and Fashion Videos

    277145.jpgProm videos to check out that will inspire you for many reasons, not just fashion!
    Photo, Pediatric Prom, Sloane-Kettering

  • AOL Video Prom Fashion Shows Edgy, Glam, Classic, Romantic, Rockstar, Date Boy and Glamour fashions, and two behind the scenes videos.
  • A very sweet cause, Prom Dress Drive, for girls who don’t have dresses, in the Mobile, Pensacola, Ft Walton Beach areas.
  • Prom Memories Felicity Huffman had an unusual Prom “gown.”
  • More Prom Memories Celebs remember their proms, fun photos shown too!
  • Hurricane Proms, Jamison PA Students bring the prom to kids who lost their schools in Hurricane Katrina.
  • Sloane-Kettering Cancer Care Pediatric Prom Watch the kids have a ball at the annual Pediatric Prom, click “Play Video.”