Prom “Fan Art”

When someone isn’t old enough to go to the prom sometimes they have fun looking forward to it and creating art about it. Even if someone has been to the prom they may still have fond enough memories to create prom-themed art, both fantasy and realistic.

40pbjf9.pngThis is a cute assemblage of pictures of the doll brand Bratz in an early line called “Formal Funk” which was prom and formal dance themed. Click for full sized view! Art by Jordan. Bratz doll fan clubs: Bratz TV, and Bratz World

More cute Prom themed art:

Real Beauty vs Photoshop Beauty

evolution_pod_72×72.jpgStop allowing others, and yourself, to get you down about your looks and every little line and bump on your face. I guarantee what you look at in magazines is not real. Artists can even touch up frames of films and videos. Need proof? Pictures in magazines are re-touched and if you were to meet those models and celebs in real life they would not look that perfect. Yes they do this on male celebs and models too. Photo, Dove Real Beauty

  • Dove Evolution Film “How did our idea of beauty become so distorted?”
  • Glen Feron, Art of Re-Touching Place your cursor over the pictures to see the before and after.
  • Yossi Bitton Make-up Before and After Gallery
  • Fluid Effect’s Website Click Portfolio, click “agree”, click “before and after”, when the pictures come up click the before button to the left to see the work they did to make it look that perfect.

    1775126497922.jpgSo next time some negative person tries to put you down because you don’t look as special-effects perfect as some girl in a magazine just smile and walk away because you know the truth, and the person being negative to you probably does too. Don’t waste your time. Just be who you are because that magazine perfection is a work of digital art, not real life art, and YOU are a real life work of art. That’s always better than something that ends up in a recycling bin any day. Photo, PRweb