The Heart Symbol

heart.gifYou cannot deny the influence of romance on Proms and Formal Events. People sometimes fall in love at these events and the feeling of affection is almost everywhere you look as people dance and talk. A popular symbol used in decorating these is the Heart symbol. Usually red, it does appear in other colors. Since it looks nothing like the human heart have you ever wondered where it came from? What is it? The answer is that it’s still a mystery to the world.

Some have said it looks like the heart of a cow, or of a turtle. Historians have noticed it could depict features of the human female body. It has been seen on ancient coins from the city of Cyrene (a formerly Greek city, founded in c.630 BCE, now in modern day Libya), some of which depict the seeds or fruit of the extinct silphium plant. The seeds are heart-shaped. The plant was widely used as an ancient herbal contraceptive so this shape may have come to be associated with sexuality and love through that connection. What is of interest is that there is no set moment of its creation, it just seems to have come through time as a symbol for the human heart and affection. How appropriate that the symbol for love is just as elusive and varied in description as Love itself.


The History Of The Sadie Hawkin’s Dance

sadienew.gifMany people know that a Sadie Hawkin’s dance is an event where the girls ask the boys, not the other way around. If you don’t know the background you may think it’s named for a famous feminist or at the very least a real person.

It is actually named for a comic strip character, “Sadie Hawkins the homeliest gal in the hills” who was a part of the Lil Abner series by Al Capp. It was on November 15, 1937, and the story is that Sadie’s father was worried she would never meet and marry a man… More

What Are The “Important” Birthdays?

cake-birthday-candles-flowers-2-80a.jpgSweet Sixteen, Quinceanera, Bar/Bat Mitzvah (12 and 13 years old), are birthdays and celebrations we know the best to be special. But we also put a lot of emphasis on 18 and 21 too. All of these mark a transition from childhood into adulthood at different stages of our lives. Photo and Cake,

There are also other milestone ages to look forward to as you grow up. Marking the start of decades has a lot of significance to people. You always hear “turning the Big Four-Oh” and other phrases like that at turning 30, 40, 50 etc. These ages have more significance to some people as they enter that particular decade of their lives. Some throw a party at this point but may not make a big deal or even officially celebrate the years in between.

Other countries have birthday and age traditons that differ from the US. Deseret News had an interesting question posed to them and their answer shows you a glimpse into what other countries view as special ages: