Malan Breton’s Spring 2011 Fashion Week Show

Read all about this beautiful show and see the pix and vids flickr set here!

Malan Breton Fashion Week 2008, Spring 2009

Jewelry 5 Great Expression
Click the gorgeous model for many pix and videos of behind the scenes glimpses of Malan Breton’s gorgeous Fashion Week show! 🙂

Malan Breton Fashion Week 9/12 2007 Pete Wentz

I got to Style Lounge at about 10am on the day of Malan’s show and Pete Wentz was there and had been there I was told since 9am working on a show of his own. He worked straight through to Malan’s show and then stayed and sat in the front row. His cool lounge Angels and Kings / AK-47 is the ground floor of my building here in NYC so it was funny seeing him there. He is a very sweet person. AK-47 is a great place with really nice people working there. Come by and have a drink sometime.
So in the mix of Pete and the camera crew Malan Breton was preparing for his stunning Fashion Week show. The usual missing model drama that so many designers have happened but didn’t stop the show. Melrose, wrongfully called bitchy by ANTM was an angel helping and trying on the fashions to fill in for the missing girl and when a model had a bad cough had some friendly folks go out and get her some tea. Every time I have met her Melrose has been amazing and sweet, I think the America’s Next Top Model season she appeared in just needed a villain and played up the stress to make her look like that kind of person via editing but from my experiences with her it’s NOT true. Project Runway seemed to try to make Malan into a bad boy and the opposite is true he is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. No sewing from me this time I have some cool art projects you’ll hear about soon-ish that have been swamping me (happily so). I feel lucky to have him in my life and as part of my family in this world.
These are my pix and vidz from the event mainly before and during from backstage.
The quiet before the Fashion Week storm..
Pete Wentz Runway Walk

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Pete does his runway walk

Pete Wentz pulled about

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Yes people were pulling Pete back and forth and everywhere for literally hours

Malan and Pete
The Mists of Fashion Week

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Mists of hairspray began to rise as the hairstylists got down to it. Even angelic looking redheads need a little style help
Melrose Fashion Week run-through

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Melrose starts off the run-through before the show

Malan Bretons show begins

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All the months of work come down to this moment..
Backstage at Malan Bretons Fashion Week show 9/12

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Backstage the models wait to walk the catwalk and Malan watches over all of it

Blogging Project Runway’s YouTube vidz of the show

Fun backstage and afterward

Bratz cast interview for Bratz World!

Just for you cool Bratz Worlders!
“Hi Bratz World!

Click here for the cute interview by the Bratz cast for Bratz World!

Are You Model Material? Rock Your Prom Show MI

show1orange2.jpgCheck this out if you are in the area and if you win have a wonderful time! You might become a famous model someday!

“Are You Model Material? Seventeen Magazine and JC Penney are sponsoring a “Rock Your Prom” model call for girls and guys ages 13-21. Scouts from John Casablancas will be looking for fresh faces 4 p.m.-6 p.m. Thursday at Center Court at Lakeside Mall (14300 Lakeside Circle, Sterling Heights).
No registration required.

The Prom On America’s Next Top Model

americas-next-top-model.jpgAs reported on Reality TV Magazine, looks like we have some Prom themed fun to look forward to on the next America’s Next Top Model.

“Runway expert J. Alexander makes a grand appearance and the girls get “schooled” in the art of walking the runway. The girls participate in a prom-themed fashion show and one model who thinks she rocked it gets some negative criticism.

Later, the girls pose in a challenging photo shoot portraying high school clichés. The praise one model receives makes another model jealous. The judges eliminate one model.
Special guests include runway show producer and guest judge Roy Campbell; guest photographer Carlos Rios; professional stylist, Hallie Bowman.
America’s Next Top Model airs on The CW from 8PM to 9PM ET on Wednesday, March 7, 2007.

  • America’s Next Top Model Season 1
  • Sammie to Perform on JC Penney & Seventeen Magazine’s Annual ‘Rock Your Prom’ & ‘Rock The Runway’ Tours

    60078b71-fc89-4c63-b3a6-e338bb0fc6ec.jpgFrom PR Newswire:
    “‘Come With Me’ Is A Top 10 Hit On BET’s ‘106th & Park’ Countdown

    NEW YORK, Feb. 28 /PRNewswire/ — Universal Motown and Rowdy Records
    teen sensation Sammie will help kick off JC Penney’s “Rock Your Prom” tour on March 3rd in Morrow, GA and Seventeen Magazine’s “Rock The Runway” tour on March 17th in Humble, TX. These two annual nationwide ‘fashion events’ scour the nation’s malls in search of stylish, dynamic girls to ‘get discovered’ via fan-fueled shows showcasing local participants. The nationwide mall tours consist of a model call, fashion show and concert. Sammie will also perform on additional dates for both tours, please see below.

    Trashing Your Prom

    yourprom.jpgThe Magazine I mean. Of course the complaints reported in Gawker regarding a bad review on the blog Magazine Rack, have a point under all the cattiness. Would you like to see more plus-sized models in Prom Magazines? I think so because there are a lot of girls who are interested in prom fashion that are not model sized so why not show all the shapes and sizes of the buying public? Well expect more fun stuff on Gawker about Prom because they are subscribing to the magazine! Oh and yes I am one of Gawker’s Artists. I am glad they brought this up even if it wasn’t their intention to point this issue out I think Prom Magazines should show more diverse body types.

    Have a Prom Fashion Show

    semcaorg.jpg Have you ever thought of having a Prom Fashion Show? It is a lot of work but can be very beneficial to your class and to local businesses. It might be fun to model fashions while your friends either model with you or watch as local businesses show off what they sell. A lot of people may not even know what shops are in their own cities so this is helpful knowing what’s available in their neighborhood. Photo,

    Seeing new fashions up close can save you a lot of time and money when trying to pick out the right thing to wear. Something might look pretty in a magazine, but in person you may not like it as much, or you may like it even more.

    This can also be a great preparation for the Prom Planning Committee. You can find out who works hard and can be depended on and you’ll have a solid start to knowing who will do the best job when it comes to the actual Prom. Fun and hard work can mix and produce something your fellow classmates will love.

    Nick Verreos, Prom Gown Designer, Video Interview

    nick_spread.jpgHe of course designs much more, but here in this You Tube Video he speaks about the Prom Gowns, and Amanda Fields, the lovely model also from Project Runway, shows off another of his designs. I know some of the other models weren’t saying the nicest things about Amanda on the show but I have met her and spent time with she and her mom and sister and she is very sweet and wise about all of that. It does not bother her and she just keeps going for her dreams and wishes the others well no matter what.

    I love Nick’s passion for design and wanting to create lovely affordable gowns for the Prom. Check his designs out here! Watch the video:

    Real Beauty vs Photoshop Beauty

    evolution_pod_72×72.jpgStop allowing others, and yourself, to get you down about your looks and every little line and bump on your face. I guarantee what you look at in magazines is not real. Artists can even touch up frames of films and videos. Need proof? Pictures in magazines are re-touched and if you were to meet those models and celebs in real life they would not look that perfect. Yes they do this on male celebs and models too. Photo, Dove Real Beauty

  • Dove Evolution Film “How did our idea of beauty become so distorted?”
  • Glen Feron, Art of Re-Touching Place your cursor over the pictures to see the before and after.
  • Yossi Bitton Make-up Before and After Gallery
  • Fluid Effect’s Website Click Portfolio, click “agree”, click “before and after”, when the pictures come up click the before button to the left to see the work they did to make it look that perfect.

    1775126497922.jpgSo next time some negative person tries to put you down because you don’t look as special-effects perfect as some girl in a magazine just smile and walk away because you know the truth, and the person being negative to you probably does too. Don’t waste your time. Just be who you are because that magazine perfection is a work of digital art, not real life art, and YOU are a real life work of art. That’s always better than something that ends up in a recycling bin any day. Photo, PRweb

  • The Inspiration Scrapbook, New Pictures

    tiiu4ue5.jpgAdded more wonderful pictures to the Inspiration Scrapbook.. click here!


    pagesix014f.jpgBlogging Project Runway posted this news from Page Six.
    Looks like everyone who loves Project Runway (and more) will want to tune in to see this. Nice to have shows about talent and creativity, not, as Michael Kors says, “eating bugs”.

    “December 17, 2006 — STEVEN Spielberg has caught the fashion bug. The Oscar-winning producer/director is devel oping a TV show about the runway world with supermodel Christy Turlington and her husband, actor/writer/director Ed Burns, Variety reports. The untitled show, being produced for 20th Century Fox TV and DreamWorks Television, is slated to run as an hourlong series on Fox. Spielberg tapped Burns to write the series, and Burns brought in his wife. “The project revolves around five 20-somethings who will represent all walks of the fashion world, including photographer, model, fashion designer and makeup artist.”

    “A Night To Remember” Event Fashions

    evmelrose1.jpgI will try to always add under the heading, “A Night To Remember”, the pictures that I take myself from parties and events I go to here in New York City. Now I just need to remember the camera! I will try to get pictures of the club’s atmosphere and the guest’s fashions, celeb or not, just so you can see what people and places looked like off the red carpet scene but still during a special event.
    This was Malan Breton’s Christmas party at Plumm. Melrose, the model from America’s Next Top Model, was one of the hosts and was wearing the fringed dress that Malan designed (and that I sewed!). She looked beautiful and Malan has many wonderful friends. The club and crowd were gorgeous.

    A Model Gift Recommendation

    0002019v.jpgElyse Sewell the cool finalist from “America’s Next Top Model” Cycle One has recommended for the holidays (via her uber-charming Live Journal blog) a funky bag from a cute company called Queen Bee. They make adorable totes and wallets in vinyl too. Perfect for the modern fashionista on your Holiday list.

    My favorite is The Ginko Truckette for $60.00. What they say: “A duo of Ginkgo leaves cascades in a drift of stitching on the flap of this bag.

    q_ginkgotruckette_black_med.jpgThe perfect bag for toting around your daily needs. The Truckette is constructed of high-quality waterproof vinyl, has two front pockets underneath flap, an additional layer of vinyl on bottom of bag for reinforcement, adjustable heavy duty seat belt webbing strap, and a silver velvet lined flap that closes with two snaps. Hand made in our studio in Portland, Oregon.
    Size: 10″w x 10″ h x 5″ d
    Strap Length: At minimum: 30″ At maximum: 60″
    Pictured: Black with Seafoam and Grotto Leaves” Also in Metal with Aqua Grey and Sage Leaves , and Aqua Grey with Sage and Metal Leaves.

    The Inspiration Scrapbook. New pictures..

    Added more wonderful pictures to the Inspiration Scrapbook.. click here!