Interesting Prom Mentions in the News 4

Taylor DiSantisSpeaking of Sweet Charity check out this cool story (and others!).

Sweet charity

Watching the excesses described on the MTV reality show “My Super Sweet 16” last summer led St. Joseph Central High School sophomore Taylor DiSantis to turn his 16th birthday party on March 3 into a fundraiser for teen activities.

DiSantis, with help from fellow St. Joseph’s students Ryan Storie, Eric Kulpa, Jessica Healy and Courtney Failla, raised $2,200 that they plan to use to provide financial and other mentoring assistance for Berkshire County youngsters between the ages of 5 and 18. More than 100 teens from four high schools attended DiSantis’ party, which took place at the Sons of Italy’s Itam Lodge.

“I was expecting $1,000 at best,” DiSantis said.

A proper prom

Bradley, whose daughter is going to the prom, said that when she asked a sales clerk at one dress shop, she discovered only one of hundreds of gowns at the store had something resembling sleeves.

Erika got so frustrated with the low-cut, sleeveless styles she kept encountering that she took up an offer from Ellen Timmreck, one of her mother’s friends, to sew her a dress.

Thursday night, Timmreck, armed with pins and a ruler, inspected the hemline on Erika’s gown, preparing for final adjustments.

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    Among the sports, clubs and activities she has participated in are National Honor Society; National Honor Roll; First Baptist Church of Bethalto Youth Group; varsity softball; volleyball; German Club; Madison County Youth Forum; Riverbend Youth Growth Association; and Prom committee. She also is Student Council treasurer, school newspaper editor and yearbook editor.

    Give the gift of glitz

    Prom jewelry is being collected by Beltsville resident Marisa West to donate to young women who were affected by Hurricane Katrina. Last year, West gathered 3,000 prom dresses for Katrina victims.
    Donations can be left at Alchemy, 8025 Georgia Ave., through April 1. They also can be mailed to West at P.O. Box 710, Beltsville, MD 20704. For information, e-mail

    Enterprise High School Prom Help

    Some Wiregrass donors are also helping storm-torn students on their special night.
    It’s prom time for many high school seniors, but in the wake of the March 1st tornado, many Enterprise high school students are still just trying to get back to normal.
    That’s why some area groups are looking to give the students a prom truly like no other.
    Houston Academy is taking $5000 dollars from their own prom budget to share the popular high school experience.

    Seniors enjoy different kind of prom

    Senior citizens had the time of their lives last night at the senior citizens prom held by First National Bank.
    “This is the banks way of saying ‘thank you’ to the seniors in the area for what they have done to help the Tularosa Basin,” said Pete Cook, president of First National Bank.
    The theme for the evening was a masquerade ball, and the turnout was higher than the year before. The theme changes every year. Last year was the celebration of First National Bank’s 50th anniversary, so the theme was the 1950s.

    Auto News: Toyota Names Gretchen Conway Family Literacy Teacher of the Year

    Conway has instituted many new initiatives as part of her literacy program, including a “Family of the Month” recognition that features one family in a celebration planned by other families; an incentive store, where vouchers are earned for outstanding achievement so families can obtain food staples and diapers; a “second chance” prom for parents who missed out on this experience as teenagers; and a referral/resource system to help families find social service agencies they need.

    More schools have gay-straight alliances

    And besides promoting tolerance, gay/straight alliances organize activities such as open-mike night and the community prom, which started last year and drew more than 150 students from high schools in Clinton County.
    Members of Plattsburgh’s and Peru’s clubs started the prom when gay students at some schools were denied couples tickets to their school proms.
    This year’s community prom is a masquerade ball scheduled from 8 p.m. to midnight Saturday at the Comfort Inn ballroom.

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