Beautiful Modest Gown Contest Winner

emmaline.jpg Modest By Design has their 2007 winners posted and they are wonderful entries. It will be fun to see the dress made real like last year’s black and white stunner. Congratz to all and hope you had fun!

Read the cool article below for more about the Modest by Design’s fashion show which spotlights lovely designs and announces the winner of their competition.

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    Modesty finds a niche in marketplace
    By Brittanie Morris
    Salt Lake Tribune

    Backstage at Thanksgiving Point’s red show barn, girls hustled to slip into evening gowns of all colors, shapes and sizes before the Modesty in Motion fashion show began.

    The audience, which included members of LDS young women’s groups from across Utah, awaited the start of the show sponsored by Modest By Design, a Murray store at 252 E. Winchester St. that has been staging the fashion event since 1999.

    Each year the audience has grown – in size and volume. The latter is to be expected since the loudest and most gung ho group wins tickets to next year’s show.

    Cherie Page and Emma Ritz, 17-year-old girls from West Jordan, were among those in attendance who won tickets for this year’s event.

    “It’s a chance to be yourself without even trying,” Ritz said about the show.
    The girls came with their church group last year and loved it. They couldn’t wait to come again this year.

    But anticipation to see the gowns and win free tickets is not the main reason hundreds of girls and their leaders come each year. The excitement centers around the announcement of the yearly “modest prom dress contest” winner.

    Modest By Design has an annual prom dress competition in which girls can design their dream dress and submit it with an essay explaining why it’s important to dress modestly. Applicants enter their design for a chance to win the ultimate prize: their dream dress that is custom-designed by the Murray company. Entrants in this year’s contest totaled 123 and came from all over the world.
    “We make that dream come true,” said Heather Gist, one of Modest By Design’s owners.

    Last year’s modest prom dress winner, 18-year-old Kelsey Malone of Hooper, Utah, found the contest online while looking for modest prom dresses.
    Adorned at this year’s gala in her custom Audrey Hepburn-inspired dress, Malone named Emmaline Wilson of Wilsonville, Ore., as the contest winner for 2007.

    “You can be modest; you just have to look,” Malone says while advising other teens looking for modest dresses.

    Modest By Design is committed to making beautiful and unique modest dresses.

    “We try really hard to make our dresses beautiful and different from those you find in Salt Lake,” said Eddie Gist, tailor and another owner of the store.

    * The company makes dresses for church, proms, elegant evenings and even bridesmaids. For more information about Modest By Design, go online at

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