Film, Quinceañera

q5sml.jpgJust wanted to remind everybody about a great film,Quinceañera, check it out some weekend and maybe have a Prom Themed Movie Weekend with friends. You could even show these films at an After-Party.

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    Review from
    A Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize-winner, Quinceañera is a small film with a big heart.
    The plot unfolds at the leisurely pace of life itself, yet there’s not a wasted moment in the script. The story follows the travails of young Magdalena (Emily Rios), a teen in the Mexican-American, but gentrifying, Los Angeles neighborhood of Echo Park.

    As Magdalena’s 15th birthday approaches, and the festive coming-of-age quinceañera party that accompanies it, life throws her a curve ball in the form of an unexpected–and possibly miraculous–pregnancy. In disgrace, she turns to her elderly uncle Tomas and sometime gangbanger and not-quite-uncloseted gay cousin Carlos. The interactions of these unlikely family members ring completely true, with stellar performances by Dios as well as Chalo González as her warm Tio Tomas and Jesse Garcia as the smoldering Carlos. The portrayal of life in Echo Park is intimate and effortless, as the teens slide interchangeably between Spanish and English; crime and gang activities coexist with trendy gay couples and their fashionable remodels. And in the heart of it all, the family ties among the three lead characters prove unconventional–and unbreakable. The DVD also contains a commentary with the filmmakers and cast members, a Q&A with them, and a “making-of” featurette. –A.T. Hurley

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