Interesting Prom Mentions in the News 2

0304teen.jpgTeen of the week:

Dyslexic teen helps youngsters learn self-esteem
He’s the senior class treasurer of the Christian Home Educators Network – a group of home-schooled kids his age from the area. The group’s 20 seniors get together every month for socials, movies, field trips and jaunts to area ski slopes, and are planning for a prom at Martin’s West in April.
“We even have a yearbook,” he said.

Dancing stars

The third annual event for the developmentally disabled gives Porterville-area students a chance to enjoy one of the traditional rites of passage of a high-school student – prom.
“It is a chance for them to have prom, like everyone else,” said Tim Witzel, the event organizer. “A chance to wear dresses, suits and just dance and have a great time.”

The beauty of Big Bend lies in its simplicity

Betty, herself a grandmother, has opened her cafe at 1 a.m. to serve waffles to teens after the high school prom, including a granddaughter she’s raising while her son serves in Iraq. It’s the kind of thing folks do in Big Bend country.

Generations mix it up at Naperville senior dance

Senior citizens Karen and Terry Hall of Wheaton got decked out in matching attire Sunday afternoon and danced to all their favorite tunes — with teenagers.
“What a neat idea to mix the generations,” Terry Hall said. “Too often we’re segregated.”
More than 100 people gathered Sunday for a Senior Citizen Prom at the Alfred Rubin Riverwalk Community Center in Naperville

Modest fashion show has you covered

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: find a prom dress that isn’t too revealing, isn’t old-fashioned and that won’t be worn by at least five other girls at the same dance.

More on Event Fashion here!

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