Great Prom Gown Shopping Tips and Tricks

Emma HarrisMore great tips and tricks to finding that perfect A-list inspired gown. Read this article about how “Hollywood stars take their fashion cues from the latest runway shows, prom dress manufacturers take some of theirs from the A-listers.”
It’s full of great tips and things to know like these:

Think colors. Bright colors. Slinky and Ball Gown styles

  • Popular colors are baby pinks and blues also neon green, fuchsia, oranges, pinks, turquiose, royal blue and sea breeze.

  • Some multi-colored gowns will have a layer of pink over a layer of chocolate. Or pink over orange, they are called Creamsicle.

  • Sexy and slinky might be popular but people still love the Ball Gown style. Juniors may have more of a tendency to do the ball gown, where the seniors are doing the fun, slimmer, Hollywood-bound gowns.
  • “Poofy” ball gowns with layers of tulle on the bottom are popular.
  • Princess gowns with lots of layers of tulle are also popular.
  • Another trend is seeing is the pull-up skirt where the skirt is gathered up all around.
  • Mermaid- style dresses with plenty of beading are popular.

  • Other styles will have beading, nice detailing, pleats and gathers.

Getting the gown you want.

  • Zip it! Don’t tell your friends what dress you like, try on a whole bunch of different styles, keep it in your mind what you’re leaning toward, and don’t say anything or e-mail your other friends. (You just never know when your “friend” might buy the dress before you.)
  • While some shops try to sell just one dress in one color per high school, they can’t keep track of where else girls shop. So don’t limit your options. Keep an open mind and try a lot of styles on, something on the hanger might not look like it will on the body.
  • Don’t come with a set idea you’ve seen in a magazine and don’t want to try anything else. Just try some gowns on, one may still be the gown you are after, but lots of time it isn’t.
  • Finally, shopping season for prom dresses begins in earnest in February. So get shopping, and quick. Manufacturers will only cut so many gowns and then shops can’t get them anymore.

  • Shops carry about 100 and once they are done, they are done, they don’t keep placing orders. When they are gone, they are gone.

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