Romantic Futurism at Robinsons Prom & Debut Show

debut.jpgI can’t find pictures from this show, Romantic Futurism at Robinsons Prom & Debut Show, so if anyone out there has any please let me know, it sounded beautiful! Did you go? Let me know!

“Robinsons Place Iloilo recently gathered 5 prolific fashion designers for their yearly “Prom and Debut” fair at the fountain area. The fair opened with a fashion show with the theme “The Future of Romance”.

Tasked to interpret the romantic portion of the fashion show were Angelette Borja Ragus and Jaki Peñalosa. They showed colored, classic cuts with embellished details for those girls who wants to be the princess of the ball. Ragus was into embellished pieces that gave an interesting texture to her clothes. Peñalosa focused on the waist.

Fashion forward girls need not fret because the future part was interpreted by Don Protasio, Bo Parcon and featured designer, Gian Romano, who studied at Central Saint Martin’s in London. The pieces they showed tend towards the white and black spectrum in interesting cuts that loosely wrap the body and finally evolved into one seam numbers. Protasio mixed religion and futurism, evident in his crosses and retro-future shapes. Parcon had petals and ruffles that cascade from the shoulders, knee and torso. Romano deftly cut his pieces around the body, a technical achievement, lending fluidity and softness to his clothes.

We can definitely expect that the future of clothing, coming from these designers, is romantic.”

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