Great Advice and Glam Gowns

image_5168572.jpgCheck out this article from The Atlanta Journal Constitution on top picks for gorgeous gowns and what’s right for your body type. Seriously pretty pictures too. Click below for their tips!

“Whatever style a girl chooses, the dress always needs a few nips and tucks to make it fit her perfectly,” said Thomas Tolbert, owner of Legends in Roswell. “Don’t be afraid of alterations. They only enhance the dress — and the wearer.”

Get a head start and find a dress shape that’s best for your body type. Check out our picks for dresses and find yourself the belle of the ball.”

A princess style

For a curvy shape: Choose a style that gently skims your curves and shows off a small waist. Don’t buy a dress in a busy pattern; it will make your curves look fuller.

Classic looks

If you want curves: Opt for a dress, such as a sheath, with horizontal striping that gives you the illusion of curves. It also works well for hourglass figures.

To flatten a tummy: Select an empire style that gives a long, slim look.

If you have a small bust: Choose a dress with an embellished bodice. It will add volume to your upper body.

Red-carpet favorites

If you are full-chested: Choose a shape that has straps — like a halter neckline — so you can wear a supportive bra.

If you have a slender frame: Look for a gown that adds the illusion of curves.

Retro glam

If your shape is boyish: Select a natural-waist or drop-waist gown that creates curves.

Glam gowns

If you have a small bust: Go for a gown with an embellished bodice.

If you are petite: Choose a long gown in a solid color. It will create the illusion you are inches taller.

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