When to Start Planning for Prom

17876375thepromgirls.jpgAre you already making plans for prom?
It may still be a few months away depending on when it’s scheduled but some of your friends might already be making plans to rent a limo or shopping for a prom dress.

One good reason to get your dress early would be to have the best selection. If you wait and get one from a department store, you run the risk of having a dress that someone else has.

“There’s no such thing as starting too soon,” The Tuxedo Shop owner Sam Oldham said. “A lot of styles and colors can run out if you don’t get them early.”

Good advice for guys is to wait to rent their tuxedos after their dates buy their dresses because they want to color coordinate with their dates.

When ordering a dress online, the earlier the better because it takes between 10 to 12 weeks sometimes for dresses to come in, and they may need alterations. Special sizes need to order even earlier.

”If you are willing to take a risk, waiting until the last minute is not always a bad thing,” said Margaret Gray, owner of In Style Formal Wear. “A lot of your later dress styles don’t come in… early.”

If your school has one, check out the current prom dress fashions at a prom fashion show.
These kinds of events help raise money for school projects and events, so if your school does not have one consider organizing one. You could give your classmates an opportunity to view some great prom fashions and even model them youself.

Bottom line, the best bet is to shop early even though there might be some benefit to waiting. To help with choosing and seeing a range of fashions consider staging a prom fashion show at your school because it could benefit your local businesses and your class itself.

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