Top 3 Ideas for a Safe After-Prom Party

ely-hs-dj-crowd-5-spots-100pc-300.jpgAfter-Prom events are successful when the school and the community get involved.
The Gannett Newspapers recently assembled a teen panel in Westchester, New York to discuss the problem of “boredom in the ‘burbs”. Here are some of the suggestions the teens made:

Communities should have more teen-friendly businesses. Teens liked pizzerias, diners, and ice cream shops where they were allowed to hang out. Schools or community centers should offer more activities, including “open gym” during the summers so the kids have a place to go. Sports facilities should offer teen hour.

1) School-Sponsored Events

Classrooms could be transformed into fun rooms and can have dancing, food, games and prizes. Parents can stay calm since these events are chaperoned by teachers or parent volunteers.

2) Throw a House Party

Plan a parent-supervised party. Order a pizza or party subs and have fun coming up with creative games or a DVD for your guests. Nervous parents can check with the host parent to be sure that the party will be supervised and there won’t be any alcohol. Tell them to come by and help supervise if they want. See below for more tips on having an after-prom party at home.

3) Community Activities

Get businesses involved with planning an after-prom party. Some might have events planned or maybe they will if you approach them about it. There are few things that the community can provide. See below for ideas about how the community can help out.

Community Activites that can be a Safe After-Prom Party

Approach businesses in your community and see if they have or can have activities like these for a safe After-Prom Party.

  • Bowling – Get your local Bowling Alley to host late-night rock-n’-bowl or Dance themed bowling event.
  • Miniature Golf – Bring a large group of friends and spend the night shooting for a hole in one. .
  • Late-night Diner or Coffee House – Show off your outfits and fill up on good food.
  • Midnight Movies – Many movie theaters host midnight movies, if they don’t ask them if they will for an After-Prom event.
  • Comedy Club – Some comedy clubs may even feature group rates with unlimited soft drinks. If not ask if they could for a special night.
  • Harbor Cruise – This can be a memorable way to end a prom night.
  • Ice-Skating or Roller-Skating Rink – Another alternative that could be a fun after-prom party to burn off the excess energy.
  • Local YMCAs also can host after-prom parties. They might host volleyball, rock climbing or swimming,basketball, soccer, air hockey, video games, or just a place for teens to hang out. Some even have options like making bead necklaces or playing board games. Call your local Y and see what they do or would plan on doing.

    Have an After-Prom Party at your Home

    Benefits of an After-Prom Party at Home– Hanging out at someone’s home is actually preferable to some to an official party. Official functions carry with them expectations of being entertained and then being disappointed. At a house party simply letting people sit around and watch a movie or listen to music is a lot of fun and relaxing.

    Here are tips for a good party at home:

  • (Parents)Write a guest list of a limited number of kids. Depending on the room you have, 20–30 kids is a manageable. Keep it to that list and say “no crashers” because if too many kids show up, you’ll have to close down.
  • Agree ahead of time to the hours of the party.
  • Stress that alcohol and drugs will not be tolerated. If kids bring in beer or any other substance they will be asked to leave and take the stuff they brought so they can’t drink and drive.
  • Those who come to the party are to stay at the party because people going in and out will be disuptive to the neighborhood, and some might be leaving to drink and come back and cause trouble.
  • Walk by once or twice during the evening (for example to bring in more food, collect empty plates and cups). Keep some of the food and
  • party treats upstairs if the party is in the basement. If the kids realize parents are around, their behavior will probably be calmer.
  • Invite another parent to keep you company.
  • If you have agreed to have a large party, tell the neighbors, and tell the police. The police may be able to make suggestions regarding parking, and if they’re keeping their eye out for you that night, great because even if you tell everybody someone might call them and if you have already spoken to them you won’t get in trouble.

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