How To Pick a Prom Theme

60162-2.jpgYour prom theme is very important. It will be remembered for years to come by your classmates.

Here are some tips to help you decide:

Think about the type of prom you want to have, and see if your school has developed the guidelines for the prom colors, decorations etc. so you don’t make a lot of plans and then have to change them. Some themes are central where the students dress in theme with the decorations, or it can be specified as a theme to be appreciated as the backdrop alone. Whatever theme you choose make sure it fits the personality and customs of your student body. Don’t have a Disco Fever Night at your school if you know that no one listens to that genre for example.

Good prom themes revolve around a creative title, unique decorations, dramatic color combinations and sometimes a main song. Have a brainstorming session and make a list of all possible theme ideas. Include everybody on the Prom Committee and generate creative ideas.

Consider the following for each theme before making a decision:

  • Do not duplicate recent themes.
  • Does this theme match the personality of the place where prom will be held? If you have a modern building it will be hard to transform it into a medieval castle.
  • Is this theme easy to work with? Will you be able to find decorations and props that match it?

    If you choose to have a main theme song, pick a song you know everyone will like, and then make it known. For example, you should play your theme’s song during any pep rallies that introduce your prom court, the entrance of your venue, during your coronation ceremony, and of course make sure the theme song is the last song played at the dance. Every time the students hear that song play on the radio they should think of your event.

    Make sure that your theme’s title and logo are on each poster and publication promoting your prom. This will get people into the spirit of the theme.

    Finally, even with the smaller details in the decorations like balloons, table linens, lighting, posters and publications, make sure they reflect your prom theme colors.

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