How To Find the Perfect Outfit

pdep102013.jpgIt’s always up to each person to decide what is perfect for their body type. To hide features is a personal choice because something one person wants to diminish in size another may want to lift up and show off. Take these tips as suggestions nothing else. In the end what you see and like in the mirror is up to you not what others think. If you feel ugly and sad in something everyone agrees is chic and stylish then it is not right for you regardless of the trends. Purchase your gown before deciding on accessories such as shoes, jewelry or a handbag. You want to go for the total look.

Pear-shaped figure
Hips are set low, thighs seem out of proportion to your upper body, smaller bust size.
Avoid anything that attracts extra attention to the hips, such as blouses or jackets that sit directly on the waist. Shift attention to your bust with fitted tops that hang loosely below the waist. Soft flowing skirts (no elastic waistbands that bunch) smooth out the lower body. Empire waist gowns and wrap styles look lovely. To accessorize, avoid belts but wear necklaces and short hanging bags to bring more attention to your upper body. Two piece corset gowns are perfect for the short-waisted figure.

Hourglass figure
Full hips and bust in proportion with a small waistline.
Flaunt your curves wearing fashions that skim your body, and are not too tight and not too loose. Flatter your form and make the most of your body. Accessorize with belts and tops that tie at the waist. Most designs are created for this body type so the most important thing for choosing the right outfit is how you feel when you are wearing it.

Straight and lean
An undefined waist and a straight body shape.
Show off slender legs and highlight the best aspects of your body. Wearing skirts and dresses that lengthen the appearance of your torso flatter this body type. For example pair fashionable a-line dresses with longer tops that drape and flare below the waist for a flowing lean look. V-neck necklines with a low collar will elongate your neck and draw attention to your bust line. Avoid belts and any thing that gathers thickly at the waist. Use details like flowers, ruffles, beading or embroidery to draw attention to features that you want to enhance.

Round upper-body figure
Voluptuous bust, narrow hips and a round tummy.
With characteristically lean legs, round body types should show off their legs and shapely hips. Wear tops with a longer neckline and avoid broad collars to diminish attention from your full bust and help your neck look extra lean. Tunics are nice on this body type but no tight fitting clothing so that your round stomach will look lean and fit and draw attention to your trim legs. Try a one shoulder style or filled-in halter to hide a fuller bustline or a deep v-neck to show it off.

  • How To Take Your Measurements

    When Ordering Online
    For online ordering, always measure carefully over your undergarments and order according to the size chart provide for each manufacturer. Every designer’s sizes vary somewhat. Prom dresses, wedding dresses and bridesmaids gowns generally run about one size smaller than normal clothing. If in doubt, always order according to the largest body measurement and plan for alterations.

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