How To Ask Out a Date

050227_masholding-hands_to.jpgAsking someone out on a date is simpler than expected, but there is no magic formula for a “yes” guaranteed. There are also some realities that you need to face to keep yourself from being hurt. You should be familiar with the person and have a sense that they feel friendly toward you. Don’t avoid them, then suddenly ask, this will more than likely get you a no.

Confidence is one of the most attractive qualities in a person so even if you are feeling scared don’t act like it. Don’t try any goofy games either to try to trick them into a date. These kinds of things might be funny to do once you are dating someone.

Here’s How To Ask:

  • Ask in a face-to-face setting
  • Ask over the phone

    How Not To Ask:

  • Email
  • Instant messenger
  • Written note
    These show a lack of confidence, and what kind of date will they think you will be if you cannot even face them or have a conversation?

    After you have asked the question you need to be prepared for the answers.

    If They Say “Yes”

    Have a plan, have an idea to suggest such as an event or place to go. On a first date keep it an open social event where they won’t feel like you expect too much of them like a secluded “romantic” setting. Movies and school events or cafes are good choices.

    If They Say “No”

    Don’t act shocked, offended or hurt even though you may feel it. Don’t get mad at them either, you may not know what their reasons were for saying no. Don’t take it personally. Carry on the conversation as if you never asked. Then leave. The fact that you were able to take rejection so confidently will make you look good.

    If They Say “Some Other Time”

    Have a plan B in case they say they are too busy; know what your schedule is so you don’t have to say you need to check your calendar. If they still act like they are too busy it’s probably because they are not interested and want to be nice about it. Accept it as a no, and move on.

    Never let anyone think they hurt you with a rejection. If you have the attitude that you are fine either way, they might become more curious about you. It happens all the time. Somewhere in the future they may ask you out. A no is not the end of the world.

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