Pretty for Prom 2007

p793.jpg Top Prom Dress Designer, Prom Expert, and Red-carpet Stylist, DeBora Rachelle comments on this year’s prom season
“DULUTH, MINN. –2007. With the Academy Awards behind us, I can honestly say that prommers will not be wearing gowns to mimic the stars this year. Aside from Penelope Cruz’s dramatic gown, there really was not a single gown worthy of taking home an award for “most likely to be worn at the prom”. Romantic looks with lace and tulle are the most desirable looks for prom. Like last year’s prom season, pinks and oranges are still selling strong. Making a come back are darker purple, lilacs and navy blue. Photo, shown

Oscar night called upon colorless sheath straight gowns. Although teenagers will wear straight gowns, they still want some type of style or flair to bring out their adventurous or imaginative side. Ruching and puckered skirts are prime examples of adding this extra touch of fairy tail fanciness.

Bouffant dresses with tight fitting bodices and fuller skirts are also called upon for this prom season. Customers like the look of lace up corset backs on dresses. Stores like corset gowns because they can be cinched up thus allowing for less alterations with their dresses.

Lace, organza and satin’s replace the silk fabrics seen last prom season. Silk prices have sky- rocketed this year which led the majority of designers looking for different fabric content.

In past years, what the stars were wearing helped determine what the teenagers would be searching for in stores. This year, Cinderella will have more influence on prom styles than Kristen Dunz or Cameron Diaz. According to WWD magazine1, stars are not showing up at the designer catwalks during fashion week. Could this be the reason for lack of style at the Oscar’s? Let’s just say, if you’re looking for prom style don’t shoot for the stars.

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