Palmdale’s Senior Project Gift of Dance

Seniors from Palmdale High School CA, have a senior project where they give a Winter Ball for special education students. It is the only school in the Antelope Valley Union High School District that does this.

“The Winter Ball is an annual event that has been organized by seniors as part of their senior project, a graduation requirement.
‘We are just giving them a prom so they can do normal things like we get to do,” said Jessica Pierik, one of three seniors who planned the event. “They are just sweet little kids. I thought I could just help and make them happy.’

This year’s formal event was attended by 80 special education students who had a memorable night. They had music, dancing and dinner. The attendees had their pictures taken and even crowned a king and queen with sashes, tiara and crown. How much did this cost?
“The students did not have to pay for anything. The school club Special Falcons raised money to cover the costs, Recentio said.” Maybe this will inspire other senior class clubs to do something this special.

If you’d like to help someone have a great prom or formal dance you might not be able to throw a free event but you can donate gowns and formal wear.. Check out this list and see if your area is listed, if not, check your local news to see if they announce a location to donate gowns.

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