Inexpensive and Stylish

teen.jpgIf you are creative, inexpensive options can be just as pretty as higher priced fashions and accessories. Here is a big list of places you can start looking in your city. It can be a fun afternoon out on the weekend with friends wandering the thrift and vintage stores to see what might be tucked in these shops. Plus there are online vintage sources to browse through.

“CosmoGIRL Magazine fashion director Tara McBratney suggests finding a simple slip dress to pair with a “cool, wild shoe and a sequined brooch in a bright color,” for example.
Think you have the matching earrings, bracelet, necklace and bag to look like a glamour queen? Do as the stars do. Pick one focal point and make it memorable like actress Scarlett Johansson did at the Oscars with her diamond star tiara. If you have a big dress with lots of detail or sequins, you don’t need a glitzy necklace or a sparkly purse, only a long pair of nice earrings, McBratney said.”

Vintage and thrift stores are also great sources for alternative or themed fashion. If your prom is going to have a 1950’s theme for example, then you just might find a genuine poodle skirt from the 1950’s. You can’t get more authentic than that! Have fun searching for vintage gowns and party dresses and keep an eye out for fashions you can add to your everyday wardrobe. Many of these shops benefit charities so you could very well be helping your community while helping yourself and that’s a cool thing. Vintage gown photo by Dan Henry

Just because something is from a few decades ago doesn’t mean it will not be in style. Many of today’s formal styles are influenced by past eras. The most important thing is that you feel good in what you are wearing and that it reflect your personal style. If you love to explore all kinds of shops and sales, you will find the perfect outfit and save a lot of money.
Alternatives to shop for gowns and dresses:

1) Grandmother’s closet or attic

2) Rummage and garage sales

3) Vintage and Thrift Stores

4) Make your own

5) Sales, department store and online stores

Helpful Links:

  • Enter Your City And Search Vintage Clothing
  • Online Vintage Shops
  • Get Free and Low Cost Gowns
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