Here Comes Project Prom

Modeled after Project Runway this event, in Pensacola Florida, allows local designers to show off their design talent. The organizers paired designers up with award winning teen essay authors to work together to design the perfect prom gown with the teens as the clients. The designers have four weeks to create their client’s perfect gown from their descriptions.

“The second annual Pensacola News Journal competition, based on the hit Bravo TV show “Project Runway,” feature 10 local fashion designer wannabes vying for the title of Top Local Aspiring Fashion Designer. Two of the contestants are sisters competing as a team. Nine local teens have been chosen based on their short essays and they will get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of having a dress custom designed and made for them.” Project Prom

The website has a lot of fun prom information beyond the contest itself. It must be exciting for the winning essay writers to receive a free prom gown. There is also a link on their website to contact a local service that provides free and low cost gowns for girls who can’t afford one of their own.

There are many other services like this around the country. Check out this list of services and if you know of one in your area that is not listed let me know. Everybody should have a chance at a wonderful prom night.

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