Have a Prom Fashion Show

semcaorg.jpg Have you ever thought of having a Prom Fashion Show? It is a lot of work but can be very beneficial to your class and to local businesses. It might be fun to model fashions while your friends either model with you or watch as local businesses show off what they sell. A lot of people may not even know what shops are in their own cities so this is helpful knowing what’s available in their neighborhood. Photo, semca.org

Seeing new fashions up close can save you a lot of time and money when trying to pick out the right thing to wear. Something might look pretty in a magazine, but in person you may not like it as much, or you may like it even more.

This can also be a great preparation for the Prom Planning Committee. You can find out who works hard and can be depended on and you’ll have a solid start to knowing who will do the best job when it comes to the actual Prom. Fun and hard work can mix and produce something your fellow classmates will love.

A Prom Fashion Show is a great idea to raise funds for the prom itself or for a future class event. This also gives local businesses a chance to show their fashions and accessories off in a fun way. People who provide services could participate by advertising in the program or having a representative attend to speak of limousine rentals and dinner specials a restaurant might want to offer for the night. It is a difficult project but one that is worth the work.
Difficulty: Hard
Time Required: At Least Three Months Planning Time
Here’s How:

Choose the Key players

  • Teacher Advisor
    Approach a teacher to be an adviser and oversee everything involved in working with the school on issues such as auditorium usage and scheduling after school meetings for things like rehearsals, speaking to the business owners and interacting with the

  • Student Committee.
    Here Are the Student Committee Positions:

    Show Coordinator
    One or two very dedicated students will get the clothing and services from businesses, schedule rehearsals, and organize everyone on the day of the show, and make sure everyone is doing what they said they would do.
    Both male and female students are the best, and should be finalized after the committee sees the sizes of the fashions that will be provided for the show.
    The Host or Hostess
    A student or teacher who will introduce all the fashions and models after the order is decided on, and to keep things moving along when the show begins.


  • Sound and Lighting
    Get a student from the AV department who knows how to run the equipment in the auditorium. You can have a student DJ too. This can be a great way to get exposure for someone who wants to do this as a living.

  • Meet the Vendors
    Meet with the businesses and vendors to donate clothing and services for the show. Arrive organized and ready to discuss what they can expect to see in the show and how the fashions and products will be presented. Don’t just go to clothing stores either, speak to hairstylists, florists and accessory shops too. Be creative in how their work and products can be displayed. The hair stylists might style the model’s hair for free in exchange for being mentioned as the show stylists.

  • A Program for the Show
    You can also create a program and sell ad space. If your school has an art club see if you can get them involved as a class project in its design and layout.

  • The Benefits
    A prom fashion show can be a great way to help your fellow students shop for the prom and help local businesses and raise money for your class. Discuss this with the student council, teachers and friends and get planning! With so many choices and things that need to be done a fashion show could be a huge help and reduce the stress of planning for this important night, which is always a good thing!

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