Creative Fundraising Ideas can also Make a Difference

teddybearpoppy.jpgYour school may have a budget for special events already, but if not, or your class wants something extra special, fundraising ideas can be creative and fun.

In this sweet news item, the Teddy Bear was part of a contest to raise money for a prom in a school in England. The Teddy obviously went on to make others happy. That’s the fun part of fundraising projects, you raise money, and make others happy along the way. Get creative, work hard and every dollar does something good. Photo, Ian Narin

Check out these ideas for having a great fundraiser for your Prom or Special Event.

1) Have a Prom Fashion Show
A Prom Fashion Show is a great way to raise money and check out fashions for your event. Check out this article for a how-to on having a Prom Fashion Show.

2) Have a Bake Sale
Everyone involved should bake one item and bring it to the sale.
Always follow proper hygiene when handling and preparing food.
Individually wrap items in plastic wrap. Baked goods that look attractive sell well.
Make posters to hang, informing people at the event of your bake sale, and directing them to the table or room where this is being held.
These can be attached to official school events.

3) Have a Car Wash
Always a fun and popular fundraiser that can get a lot of people involved and have a great time.

The most important things to consider for a Car Wash are:

  • Location
  • Weather
  • Labor
  • Supplies

    If your school does not have a large enough area, ask a local business or church if you can hold it in their parking lot. Make sure your location has access to a water spigot.

    Check the 7-day weather forecast online.

    Ask students and teachers to help out. Print their names on the Prom or Dance Program in a special “thank-you” section. Take pictures to add to the Yearbook and Student Newspaper.

    Ask everyone who signs up to bring a few washcloths and towels to wash and dry the cars. If they can buy a designated car or wash soap it will help. Posters need to be created and hung up around your town directing people to your car wash. If someone cannot do the physical labor washing but still wants to help have them stand at the entrance to the parking lot and hold the poster announcing the Car Wash.

    4) Have Casual or Crazy Days
    This is great for schools with uniforms or dress codes. For a $5 donation (for example), students can dress in jeans or other casual clothes instead of the uniform or required code. If students already have a casual dress policy, let them wear a silly hat, shorts or crazy wild fashions for the day.

    5) Place a Large Change Jar in the school office.
    This can be set up at the start of the year. It will be a place for students and teachers to empty their pockets of change or people can bring jars from home to pour into it. It all adds up!

    6) School Garage or Rummage Sales
    Bring sale items from home to the school. Announce this in advance and get students involved by contributing items including things such as art or woodshop pieces they create in class.

    7) Hold a Lip Sync Talent Show
    Sell tickets to this event. As a Lip Sync styled performance everybody could participate and express their humor and creativity in how they dress for it and dance to the songs. You could have a judging and prize for best performance.

    8 ) Silent Auctions and Raffles
    These are great fundraisers to add to official school events. Get donations from businesses closest to your school. Have items to offer like Gift Certificates for dinner, spas, health clubs, movies, gifts, and fashion make-overs at department stores. Ask shop managers for ideas because they may want to advertise a particular item or service this way.

    9) Have a Tea-time, Picnic or Pizza Day
    A special event like this could include international themed food like scones, cream, fruit, and tea sandwiches. Include fun food items people don’t usually make at home like a chocolate fountain or fondue and a tropical punch. A local hotel or restaurant might sponsor this because it would be great exposure for their services. You could even have a day picnic, sponsored by a local restaurant or fast food place. Have it on the school grounds or at a local park. Approach businesses to give a percentage of the money received on a certain day to the school. Pizza places are a fun choice for example.

    10) School Video/DVD Sales
    Tape special events at the school and sell the videos or dvds to students and parents by taking orders for it afterward.

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