Prom Planning Committee, Why Join? What Needs To Happen?

cordcom_calendar_.jpgWhy would you consider joining the Prom planning committee? It’s an incredible opportunity to create a night your fellow classmates will remember for the rest of their lives. If that isn’t enough, think of the satisfaction of knowing you were one of the people who made it happen. All those smiles and stories that will be told for years to come, will be because of you and the others who made it happen! Photo,

You will also learn how to work well with a diverse group of people and these skills will benefit you in many other settings such as college and future jobs. Even if you will be self-employed one day you will always need to know how to pull together a group of people to accomplish a goal, so why not start learning those skills now? Plus, it’s so much fun.

Prom theme ideas can be just a title and your mind will run wild with ideas how to bring it to life. This is a great way to get even the most quiet committee members involved because everybody has a picture in their mind of what certain themes would look like. Here are some theme titles, go from here, the sky is the limit! You may want to make the theme subject to a student body vote to make sure people will like it, just do what is right in your school and situation.

6p385a.jpg1950’s Theme, Casino Night, Garden of Lights, Hollywood/Oscar Night Prom Theme, Jungle Allure, Tahitian Fantasy Cruise, You’ll Be In My Heart, Night In Venice, Midnight in Paris, Springtime in Paris, Egyptian Allure, Shanghai Moon, Moonlit Enchantment, Night of the Golden Dragon, Manhattan Mystique, Still of the Night, Midsummer’s Night, Roaring Twenties, 1960s/1970s Retro Theme, Fabulous 80s – Celebrate the Decade you were born in, Famous Couples/Famous Couples in Literature – think Romeo and Juliet, Cinderella and Prince Charming. Photo, Hollywood Theme by

  • More Prom theme advice and even ideas for themes based on songs.
  • Look for DJs and Bands to fit your themes.

    Once you have your theme you have other things to plan too. Assign or ask for volunteers for different aspects of the planning. Ask previous classmates and alumni who were on Prom committees for advice too. Checklists by

      Budget Committee – Responsible for keeping all committees on or under budget.

      Chaperone and Security Committee – Responsible for securing/hiring Security (If not provided by the hotel/hall) and Chaperones.

      Clean Up Committee – Responsible for clean up after the Prom.

      Themes/Colors Committee – Responsible for selecting the themes and/or colors for the Prom. This can be done by taking a vote of the students, or by selection of school colors, etc.

      Decorations Committee – Find and purchase the decorations for the Prom. This will be done after the themes/colors are selected.

      Entertainment Committee – Finding and hiring the DJ or band, as well as any other entertainment for the evening (caricature artists, pianists, etc).

      Favors Committee – Can be combined with the Decorations Committee. They plan the favors/gifts that will be used as part of the decorations but taken home by the prom guests.

      Fundraising Committee – Responsible for planning and executing the Fundraising events. See below for ideas on Prom Fundraisers!

      Menu Committee – Plan the menu for the evening, normally giving two choices for main course. This is done with the hotel or banquet hall or by using an outside caterer, if needed.

      Location Committee – Selecting and securing the hotel, banquet hall, reception room for Prom.

      Photographs Committee – Responsible for interviewing and hiring the Photographer. Be sure to look at samples, check references, etc.

      Set Up Committee – This committee is in charge of setting up the room for the evening. Table placement, DJ booth, decoration installation.

      Advertising Committee – This committee is in charge of advertising the evening – making sure everyone knows of the deadlines for buying tickets, what entertainment to expect, etc.

      Royal Court Committee – Responsible for organizing the balloting for selecting the Royal Court.

    You will need money even before ticket sales begin so you may have to think of fund-raising ideas. Here are some suggestions and also ask about what was done the previous year:

      Car washes

      Bake Sales

      Flower Sales – selling flowers at school (mornings and at lunchtime) for Sweetest Day, etc.

      Fashion Show – with local businesses to showcase their prom dresses, shoes, tuxedos, etc.

      Work with local businesses to see if they will donate proceeds from a set time or a certain item (1/2 price for pizzas sold to students with ID, etc).

    Sample checklist leading to the Prom:

      6-9 Months Before
      Select your Prom committee and subcommittees
      Create a budget
      Set up a bank account
      Choose a date
      Decide a theme
      Start fundraising projects

      4 Months Before
      Book banquet hall, hotel ballroom, or other location
      Select caterer and decide menu
      Create a guest list
      Book the band or DJ
      Plan the Post-Prom (or form a Parents’ Committee to plan the party)
      Select a photographer

      2-3 Months Before
      Choose Prom decorations
      Decide ticket and invitation design
      Plan wording for memory booklet
      Book security
      Arrange for chaperones
      Order favors, decorations, invitations, and all other Prom supplies!

      4-6 Weeks Before
      Send out invitations (don’t forget the faculty, administration, and chaperones)
      Confirm all orders, plans and entertainment
      Sell tickets
      Arrange seating
      Write out an event timeline (including dinner, activities, and coronation)

      1 Week Before
      Finalize the headcount
      Reconfirm with Prom location and caterer
      Assemble all decorations that can be easily moved
      Get final checks for Prom night payments

      2-3 Days Before
      Purchase or pick up food and beverages, if necessary
      Decorate for the Prom

      The Day of the Prom
      Prepare food and beverages, if necessary
      Put up all outdoor decorations
      Inflate all balloons
      Relax and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime event!

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