Prom “Fan Art”

When someone isn’t old enough to go to the prom sometimes they have fun looking forward to it and creating art about it. Even if someone has been to the prom they may still have fond enough memories to create prom-themed art, both fantasy and realistic.

40pbjf9.pngThis is a cute assemblage of pictures of the doll brand Bratz in an early line called “Formal Funk” which was prom and formal dance themed. Click for full sized view! Art by Jordan. Bratz doll fan clubs: Bratz TV, and Bratz World

More cute Prom themed art:

prom.jpg“Prom Pose” by Cerebus.

jane_prom.jpgJane Prom by Kemical Reaxion.

crazycowproductionsdeviantartcom_.jpgLita at the Prom by Crazy Cow Productions.

prompic.jpgProm Kellyfur and Springer by Silas.

stageprom1.gifThe Whyville Prom by the Adobe Digital Kid’s Club.

111843.jpgSam, Clover and Alex at the Prom by TheBeautyInEvil.

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