Profile, Jenna Dewan

takepre2.jpgJenna Dewan, born December 3rd 1980, grew up in Dallas, Texas and began dancing at age 5. She was a natural, and during her teenage years she passionately pursued her love of dance, winning many scholarships and awards. She attended college at the University of Southern California, and at the same time booked dancing roles in music videos from artists such as Mandy Moore and Toni Braxton. Things took a dramatic turn when Jenna got cast in Janet Jackson’s video, Doesn’t Really Matter. Janet asked her to tour with her and Jenna left everything behind to follow her dreams. It’s paying off with growing fame and film roles. Photo, Yahoo Movies

Her personal style is a relaxed, sexy elegance, and her hair in soft undefined waves or hanging loose in long multi-layers always looks comfortable and natural. The sky is the limit for Jenna. This is an actress with real skill and talent combined with beauty and fashion sense. She has proven for many aspiring dancers that the art form can be a spring board to many wonderful things.

It was amazing. I started dance when I was five years old and danced pretty much throughout my life. Then at age sixteen, an agent – a dance agent from LA, actually – found me and asked if I went to LA if he could represent me. I said sure. So, right at eighteen I moved to LA and started auditioning. I went to college as well, I went to USC. I was auditioning dance-wise and just started booking work. Booked the Janet Jackson tour and was gone… And that was where my life took me in the beginning. Jenna Dewan


  • We Invented the Remix Tour, P. Diddy
  • All For You World Tour, Janet Jackson
  • Ricky Martin

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  • Waterborne
  • The Grudge 2 (Rated Edition)
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