Fashion Themed Family Holiday Gifts

bigsister.jpg Fashion themed gifts are something you will enjoy giving and enjoy seeing in use, and in some cases, give you something fashionable back! If you have a family member who is a budding fashion model, designer or fashionista, these gifts will make their faces light up. Photo,

b0006u2qp601-a18izagsajjt28_aa240_sclzzzzzzz_.jpgKlutz ® Friendship Bracelet Kit This is a great kit because I learned how to make bracelets from this and afterward you will have acquired a real skill that you can expand on not just a toy with toy pieces. After you master these techniques use different materials and add beads and other stones. You may be able to sell your jewelry creations one day!

b000epff0g01_ss500_sclzzzzzzz_v38250059_.jpg Bratz Passion for Fashion dolls MGA says: “When you’re a fashion model, you step into the spotlight and celebrate who you are. The Bratz expresses their true selves through their fashion. They always have been, they always will be the only girls with a passion for fashion!” Check out more dollson

black_red_plaid.jpgDolly and Me. If you have a little sister who loves American Girls Dolls you could get her a matching dress for her and her dolly. Dolly and Me has sets for mom and daughter and doll, but it could also be seen as big sister, little sister and doll depending on who you have in your family. Check out their sale page too.

b0001rfci201-arlzm71758wov_aa280_sclzzzzzzz_v62609613_.jpgSew Easy Knitting Machine Long knit scarves are so popular now- its fun to see a child make something real. They can get yarns that are similar colors to the store scarves are made of and make things for themselves and others as gifts. Useful and fun.

b000gpnku601-alorljwvl84y8_aa280_sclzzzzzzz_v39595015_.jpgColor Splash Florescent Fabric Paint (Pk/12) It’s a lot of fun to decorate t-shirts, regular shirts, pillowcases and bed linens in fun ways that will appeal to kids or even playful minded adults. These fabric paints have other crafty uses: “Add a new dimension with 3-D fabric paint. 1-oz. bottles with applicator tip and screw top allows for detailed raised designs on fabric, wood, plaster and papier mache. Use for “liquid” embroidery or as leading in stained-glass painting. Leave 3-D effect or brush out. Non-toxic. Pack of 12.” Here are some other fun t-shirt ideas.

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