Five Fantasy, Yet Real, Event Locations

91857753_744e9d6590_o.jpgIf you could have your special event anywhere.. where would it be? Here are some locations that are dreams come true and yet you really can rent them for occasions. If you do have an event please send pictures! Or if you already had your fantasy location for your event please do the same- send pictures and let everybody know about your memorable night. These are by no means the only dream locations, more will be added but for now enjoy dreaming about these five locations. Photo, Etolane on Flickr

  1. California Castle
    front-logo.jpgGorgeous location near the Joshua Tree and Palm Springs area. What a great feeling to be in a castle but step out into a desert paradise. Looks like they have even had some lovely medieval themed parties.

  2. A Palace in St Petersburg Russia
    3.jpg Some of the rooms of this palace in this legendary city are white, or with angels painted on the ceiling. I can imagine a gorgeous lace and roses, or angel theme for a glittering party. This is the first private palace in the city available to rent for events.

  3. The Four Seasons, Paris
    basics_welcome.jpg Speaking of legendary cities, Paris needs no introduction and the Four Seasons is the perfect setting for any event to remember for the rest of your life. Gorgeous terraces with views of the Eiffel Tower and wonderful banquet halls– you will never want to leave.

  4. Ice Hotel in Canada
    103335509_a0ffeaa7de_o.jpgOn the shores of Lake St Joseph about 30 minutes outside of Quebec City is an amazing creation in ice. No not a simple igloo but a full hotel. Made of snow and ice this is a wonder you have to see to believe and of course is available for weddings and other events. Think it’s just all one icy color? Check out their photo and video gallery and this Flickr Gallery by Etolane and you’ll see it’s as colorful as a starry night sky.

  5. Top of the Rock, Weather Room and Garden Deck
    rockrooflow.jpgImagine the panorama of Manhattan’s skyline view surrounding you, or a garden in the sky. Manhattan looks so pretty from 67 floors up- wandering the streets is nice too but views are wonderful and New York City knows how to Rock a view! Pun intended!

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