Avoiding Bad Peer Pressure

promnightcopy.jpgYour special night should only be filled with memories you look back on with a smile, not regret. Here are some valuable links to take some time to read and think about. It’s up to you to make choices wisely and not let anyone pressure you into something. It’s your life so you choose not anyone else! Have a wonderful night and have nothing but great memories you love to look back on year after year.

“Prom can be magical. But it’s not the only time you’ll have this much fun: There are plenty of other life-defining events as well. So don’t let anyone use prom night to pressure you into drinking, drugs, sex, or breaking your curfew – or doing anything else you don’t want to. It’s your prom. Enjoy it the way you want to.” Read more

Will I be safe? Do I feel good about this? Assess the situation – think about what is happening. You need to be able to recognise bad peer pressure. … Make a good decision. Think: do I want to do this? How to say NO

While you want to enjoy prom night and have fun, you also want to be in a state of mind to remember it. Keeping your mind clear can also help you to make choices that you are less likely to regret later. Alcohol use is associated with a range of health risks, including: unsafe sex, unwanted pregnancy, drunk driving and road accidents, fights, criminal activity. Read more

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