Going alone or in a group.. Why not?

cosmogirl.jpgThere are benefits to going solo to your prom or dance. No reason to miss out on all the fun, food and music just because you don’t have one specific person you want to go with or don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend yet. There will be other people there alone so why should you be the only one to miss out? Photo credit, CosomoGirl

Check out this article on Teenwire.com:

“Going stag doesn’t necessarily mean that no one asked you to prom,” Sam adds. “A lot of people I know are choosing to go dateless so that they can hang out with their friends and not feel pressured to couple-up with someone they barely know.”

Single does NOT equal unpopular and ugly. In fact, showing up single can be a real display of confidence, and confidence is sexy! Besides, going to prom as a couple isn’t for everyone. Asking someone out and worrying about what they think all night can be pretty stressful, so going with single friends is definitely an appealing option for some people.

Read the whole article here!

Here is another great article: “Prom without a Date”.

If you had hoped to be asked and weren’t (and are not in the mood to go to an event alone) check out this page of tips on eHow.com called “How to Cope With Not Getting Asked to the Prom”. Make sure to check out the additional tips posted by people who commented on the article because there are some good ones. Post your own if you have something to say about this topic.

Just had to add this unusual story from 2002 about a girl who wanted to take her mom to the Senior Prom:

  • “Lee High School policy nixes mother-daughter prom date”, CNN transcript here.

    More on Event Fashion here!

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    1. grinnbearit
      Dec 10, 2006 @ 19:38:38

      I attended my junior prom with a guy I was friends with – not otherwise interested in and I had an o.k. time. The next year, my senior year, I begged a couple of girls to join me in going as a girl’s group and without dates. None of us were dating and there weren’t any die-hard crushes within our little circle either so I thought it would be the best option. They refused to show up without a date and to this day I’m not sorry I didn’t go to prom, or that i didn’t go with a date, but that we missed out on an incredible girl’s night out.


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