How to rent a Tux

tuxedo-583629.jpgThe gowns are usually the stars of special events but there is no reason the guys can’t look as good. Not all special events are black tie though, so most guys don’t need to have a tux in their closet. When you need to rent a tuxedo read through these links to get started in finding the right one.

Here is an excellent site called “So You Wanna” with info and tips to start the process of renting your Tux.

  • Assess the fuction.
  • Figure out what you’ll need to rent.
  • Figure out when to shop.
  • Figure out where to shop
  • Consider buying

    Another more specific and helpful guide from Buy 4 Less Tuxedos:

  • All about coats.
  • All about trousers.
  • All about shirts.
  • All about vests.
  • All about ties/neckwear.
  • All about pocket squares.
  • Check out this Guide on Tuxedos on Fashion.

    How to tie a Bow-tie:

  • Illustrated guide on After Hours
  • You Tube video: “How To Tie a Bow Tie”

    You could always go the crazy color tux direction. Or even a Tuxedo T-shirt. Just make sure your date has a sense of humor!

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