How to rent a Limo

pink-limousine-interior.jpgThe benefits and fun of hiring a Limo for your prom and special event are obvious. Just make sure you know all the ins and outs before paying for and using these services. It should be just a part of the special night’s memories, not become all you remember because of something that did not work out.

Browse Limo prices across the US with these helpful directories:, and Limosines Of America.

More helpful information:

These are generally helpful tips to consider and ask about when renting a limo. For even more detailed things to ask and consider read this guide by All Time Favorites Event Planners.

  • Prom Limousine Rental Costs – How it is determined.

    To determine the cost of a prom rental, limousine services utilize several factors in determining price.
    Vehicle Rented: Luxury sedans are the least costly, however can only transport up to 4 passengers. Your cost increases proportionate to vehicle size.
    Hourly Rental Time: Limo services charge on a per hour basis. Charges vary depending on vehicle time.
    Travel Distance: If your transportation involves an abnormal amount of travel time, some services will charge extra.

  • How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Limo for Prom?

    Limousine rentals are charged per hour most with a MINIMUM of 4 to 8 consecutive hours booked. Companies require a minimum to 4 or 8 hours to provide service so make sure you ask about this.

  • Do We Have to Pay for the Limo While we Attend the Prom?

    You still have to pay for the rental time during prom, even if you aren’t physically using the vehicle. While you are at the prom, the vehicle cannot be used elsewhere; even when there are 2 or 3 hours in between the drop-off and pickup. Some companies sometimes offer a discounted hourly rate when the vehicle is idly waiting outside. In addition, if there are more than 4 hours between drop-off and pick-up with minimum travel time, some companies may offer a “split” – just a rental to-and-from your destination with no charge for waiting time in between. However, minimum hourly booking requirements still apply so make sure you discuss all of this.

  • Can I Rent A Limo For 1 Hour?

    No. Most companies require a minimum 4 hour booking to rent a limousine during prom season. In some areas, some minimum hourly requirements can scale up to 8 hours! This is due to the huge demand on limousines during prom season. March through June are also busy wedding months which also inflate minimum hourly requirements and rental costs.

  • When Do My Rental Charges Begin?

    This varies by company and location. Some companies begin rental charges at your designated pickup time at your pickup location. If you say, “Pick us up at 6pm at 123 Main St”, then this will be the beginning of your rental charge. Other companies begin rental charges on portal-to-portal basis and charge ‘travel-time’. Specifically, your rental time may begin the moment the limousine begins its journey to your first pickup location. Ask your limousine company specifically how they charge. Travel time is usual in rural areas where the closest limousine service may be miles away.

  • Can We Drink Alcohol in the Limo?

    UNDERAGE drinking is not allowed under any circumstances.

  • Do We Have to Tip The Driver?

    Yes. The standard tip is 15-20% of the total fare. If you feel your driver has performed in an exceeding manner, you can tip more. Some companies will AUTOMATICALLY include the gratuity (tip) in their total price quote. When making reservations, always ask if GRATUITY is included in the total price. If not, you should budget an extra fifteen to twenty percent towards your total bill for driver gratuity.

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