Cool Hardshell Backpack

5a_10.jpgWinter in New York City isn’t all glittering trees and holiday windows. Snow falls, winds blow, ice coats streets and subway stairs.. not such a fashionable image. People slip and fall, they crowd into subways since its too cold to walk everywhere the way we usually do it, so this made me think of functional fashion. Hardshell cases will protect your laptop and valuables from crushing crowds and the occasional contact with the sideway cement on a slippery walkway. You might recover from bumps and bruises but laptops won’t so check out this company. Not bad either that these have been in blockbuster films!
(photo credit, Peoples Delite Hardshell, Candy)

040219105450.jpgBoblbees. These were featured in the movies Charlies Angels, The Fast & The Furious, The Italian Job and Jason X. My favorite is the Megalopolis Executive Hardshell Laptop “Spark” Backpack Price $209. (“Candy” appears to be sold out, but leaving the reviews here for info purposes 1/07). Check out the whole site too for many other styles. Click on the art gallery and see how people have gotten creative with them!

What they say: “Peoples Delite Executive Candy
The monocoque ABS shell protecting against impact, is treated with automotive paint and lacquer. Padded bucketseat harness. Lumbar support. Water resistant lid, zipper and fabrics. UV stabilized plastics and fabrics. PA6 Nylon super tough buckles. IATA approved cabin size. Padded shoulder straps. Waistbelt, sternum strap and phone pocket. Interior organizer. Laptop compatible. Approved by Ergonauts Performance Technologists. (HxWxD) 19x11x6 in/49x29x15 cm, weight 3.7 lbs/1600 g, volume 915-1200 cu in/15-20 l. Maximum laptop size 13x9x2 in/33x23x5 cm.” $189.00

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