Top Design Sources for Teens

How toSome people are lucky enough to go to Fashion Week and place their orders right off the runway. That is great obviously but those who cannot order off the runway still love those fashions and can still get those styles from other sources. I have noticed a few design lines that are sold in larger department stores that are just as fun and trendy as many designer lines. Doesn’t mean you can’t go out and splurge on a funky Betsey Johnson dress or a heavenly layered Marc Jacobs look, but check out these other places too. Chances are you will also find them at the mall so they are easy to have and to hold. Remember its not always about looking for a designer its also looking for a design that will fit into your style.

Online sources help people get what they want no matter where they are so give these links a look and give the whole site a once over while you’re there, you may find even more goodies. Those can be your secret finds or post a comment and tell us what wonderful piece you bought. Happy Shopping!
Marc Jacobs photo credit,

  • Lulu’s Fashion Lounge Gorgeous layering pieces in babydoll and kimono inspired shapes, accessories and many other goodies.

  • Frenchi This is a Nordsrom link but shop around the web for these cozy sweaters and you can have that trendy long knit look like the top models, but for so much less.

  • JJ Basics Another great label to look for. Wonderful knits to layer for that stylish sillouette.. and this link to Mandees has some other goodies to check out too like Mandees own store brand and knits from Say What (also spotted at Nordstrom online).

  • Forever 21 Casual and dressy tops, accessories and more.

  • American Eagle Tees, bags, knits casual and fun perfect for layered looks and pieces you can use in the summer too.

  • 15 Dollar Store Just what it sounds like. Shipping takes a few weeks but go and see for yourself. Like the dresses trend? You need to click that dresses link then jump for joy.

  • Karmaloop Urban streetwear styles, includes Gwen Stefani’s line. Fashions for all streets city and country.

    More on Event Fashion here!

    If you know any other great fashion links that you love and use, leave a comment.

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